iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus: Australian Price And Release Date

New phones from Apple landed this morning, and they're coming straight to Australia. Here's what you'll pay and when you can get your mitts on one.

iPhone 6

It's bigger, but not the biggest phone Apple is planning on selling in the new line-up.

The iPhone 6 is a 4.7-inch iPhone with 38 per cent more pixels on the screen compared to the iPhone 5s.

It's running the new Apple A8 processor, complete with the new M8 motion co-processor as well.

From a straight spec comparison between chips, such as the Snapdragon 805 found in Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4, the A8 may not seem like a big deal. The 805 is quad-core 2.7GHz SoC, but it’s important to remember that the A8 is a custom job, built and optimised specifically for Apple products and iOS, whereas Qualcomm creates stock chips for multiple smartphones. A pure spec sheet comparison doesn’t come close to telling the whole story.

So what's the price?

Well, Apple will be selling the iPhone 6 in gold, silver and space grey. Prices start at $869 for the 16GB model, $999 for the 64GB model and $1129 for the 128GB model.

That 128GB model is a first for Apple, and it sees the company eliminate the 32GB tier altogether.

You'll be able to buy it on Friday, 19 September in Australia, and you can pre-order it from Friday, 12 September.

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iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is the big daddy of iPhones in 2014-15. It's 5.5-inches in size and is also powered by the new A8 processor.

Both cameras have re-engineered sensors complete at 8-megapixels in size.

Naturally, the iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive than the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 plus is also sold in gold, silver and space grey, and will start at $999 for the 16GB model, going up to $1129 for the 64GB model and $1249 for the new 128GB model.

The larger phone will also go on sale on Friday, 19 September, with pre-orders opening this Friday.

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iPhone 5s

Apple will continue to sell the 5s in Australia, starting at $749 for the 16GB model, and $799 for the 32GB model.

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c will also continue to be sold, at $529 for the 8GB model only.


There are new leather cases in black, soft pink, olive brown, midnight blue and Project (RED) red for $59 each for the iPhone 6 and $65 each for the iPhone 6 Plus.

New silicone cases start at $45 each for the iPhone 6 and $49 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Colours for the silicone offerings come in black, blue, pink, green, white and Project (RED) red.

Are you buying one of the new iPhones? Which one and why? Tell us in the comments!



    Yikes, that's very expensive for every new model released, and no 32GB model forces people to move straight into 64GB territory.

      i think the prices for the 4.7" iPhone is the same as the 5s was and the 64gb tier has simply replaced the 32gb tier in terms of pricing so no increase there.

        'Same as last generation' and 'very expensive' aren't mutually exclusive. The iPhone 5 was expensive for what you got too.

      its actually about in line with all previous releases. most people dont buy these outright and have it subsidised in telco plans so it wont mean much to them.

    I think you did a typo. It's $869 for the 16GB version. (o:

      Price difference of $250! Same phone! Australian vs American. Dear Aussie middle man - you're a muppet. Get lost.

        sad part is... there is no middle man. Apple sell direct

    Typo in the price, Luke. Should be $869, not $689.

    Should the price for a 16gb iphone 6 be $869 not $689?

    why get rid of 32gb version, they could just eliminate the 16gb instead.

      They're selling 64GB and 128GB at pretty much the same price points that the 32GB and 64GB used to be. Pretty good really.

        Pretty good!!!! Are you insane!?! For the price of a 128Gb iPhone I could buy a Core i5 Ultrabook or a Lenovo ThinkPad 8 tablet with LTE and 128Gb of storage, that can run the most demanding desktop software, and still have enough money left over to buy a new Lumia 735 and a 64Gb microSD card. And t scry part of that is that the Lumia 735 has better specs than the iPhone 6!

          Like said above, most people will get their phones on a plan so they won't pay that out of pocket+telco plan. Also, lumia/windows phone is a terrible os. I used one for a year and it kept crashing on simple pages like The Age.

            This is false economy! Yes, they will get them on a plan but ultimately pay more by the end of your contract!!!

            No sticker-shock up front but you still pay an arm and a leg and promise your first born... Apple pricing is borderline offensive but clearly needed to cover the Celebrity Designer's salaries.

            Some Idiot has got it right.

    Hey Luke, 16GB is $869 not $689 as you mentioned in your pricing.

    The prices for iPhone 6 are exactly the same as iPhone 5s last year. Added bonus that 64GB now costs $999 when you had to pay the same price for 32GB last year...So extra GB at no cost!
    Why they just couldn't remove the 16GB remains a mystery.

      You lot just had to go and find the one typo in 8000 words of coverage last night didn't you...

      Cheers for the ping! Fixed now.


        Can I just say Hopewell, cracker of a job. Was a really good effort from your guys and the related articles you posted (australia tax comparison etc) pretty quickly afterwards. Not ass kissing, but appreciate having a bevvy of good articles to read with the morning coffee. Nice work and thanks.

          What a shame they couldn't do as good a job with their IFA coverage last week.

    So an extra half a K for an extra half T. That doesnt seem like a rip off at all.

    reason they kept the 16gb? so they can say the iphone isn't too expensive.

      There are lots of people like me who buy the 16gb. Its because I don't need that much space. I don't have any music or videos and I don't really use the camera that much for photos either. I don't really have that much need for all that space.

    Great, everyone i know will get the 16GB for $72 on a plan, rather than paying $79 a month for the 128GB and then keep asking me for the next 12 months “Why does my phone keep saying its out of storage space? How do i fix it?"

    Ugly risen camera? What a joke! Jobs flipped in his coffin.


      The slightly risen camera that autofocuses during video like a professional focus-puller, has amazing video stabilisation, time-lapse, burst mode with autodetect of blinks and smiles to recommend the best image, great low-light performance with stabilisation to remove blur...
      I'll be getting a 6 mostly for the camera, and for the payment system.
      The payament system is actually more exciting to me than anything else in the announcement.

        all that and also feels like a sh!t on the table.

        Let's wait to check the "special effects" while vibrating on the table.

        Last edited 10/09/14 10:34 am

        IF the payment system does come to Australia of course

    Spec wise the iPhone 6 is already outdated wiht only 1gb of ram it's way behind the competition who are putting up to 3 gb of ram in phones like the xperia z3

      Still obsessing about technical specs? How 1990 of you.

      Only out-of-date geeks do this now. Real users are only concerned about how well something performs doing the tasks required.

        Just wait til he starts talking about clock speeds.

        Whilst the The 6 and 6 Plus may only have Dual-Core processor....that processor is developed in-house so Apple can fully utilise the CPU.

        1GB of RAM is a bit of a worry though...yeah wait for the real world tests they say. But it would be nice to have 2GB of RAM in there

        So...the 6 is to go up against the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 & Z3, Nexus 5 and HTC One (M8) and the 6 Plus is to go head-to-head with the Galaxy Note 4 (I wonder if Sony will make a Z3 Ultra and HTC make a One Max (M8) to bring more competition to that phablet market)

          Not to mention they are 64-bits.

          Apple never relies on over memory, a good engineer is knowing how much to provide without sacrificing performance.

            64 bit processor is great for future proofing however my understanding is that it wont bring any improvements until you reach 3.6gb of ram and the applications you are running are 64 bit based apps.

            Currently on the app store i can't think of a single application that is a 64 bit app.

              Give it time, the hardware has only recently become available to iOS devices. As 64-bit hardware becomes more prominent, more developers will target it in their builds.

            Speaking as a developer, that's fine in an ecosystem that doesn't allow for expansion, but in a system where the user can download and run as many apps as they like, low memory is unnecessarily restrictive and forces the OS to swap apps in and out of sleep state a lot more often, which is bad. Operating systems are extremely efficient at making full use of available RAM to speed up performance, there's no such thing as 'too much'.

        They still matter good OS development can only take you so far. If someone gave me a Andriod device with 1GB of ram I'd be laughing at them.

        If we didn't care about tech specs then my iphone 4 should be able to handle the latest and greatest apps. Imagine playing Bioshock on iPhone 4 that would never happen because of tech specs right?.

        If we are talking small differences then yeah no big deal but when you compare 1GB of ram found in the iPhone 6 to 3GB of ram found in the sony xperia z3 then you will start to see a difference depending on how resource intensive the OS is.

        I understand the IOS is less resource intensive however that will only get you so far.

          If you must talk about specs (which mean nothing these days) you should be asking why the xperia needs 3GB to do anything worthwhile.

          See what I did?

            I do see what you did, you used a false equivalence. dapaintrain said the Xperia benefits from 3GB of RAM, not that it needs it to do anything worthwhile.

            Technical specs only mean nothing to people who don't understand them.

              You are so wrong. The people that matter are real world customers, not geeks trying to justify their positions by quoting irrelevant technical specs.

                Well if you believe that then i have an iPhone 4S running the latest IOS firmware to sell you. Whats wrong it runs the latest IOS so its just as good right i mean what makes it any different to the iPhone 5,5S or 6.

                Could be tech specs since you think that tech specs are irrelevant then nothing really separates them right.

                  I think what seekerofknowledge means is most iPhone users, myself included don't care about technical specs like RAM and CPU and clock speeds and 32bits vs 64bits.

                  We measure performance as follows, does my latest version of my favourite app suite work great on my iPhone4? No it does not, it is slow, very slow and some features are disabled, does this same app suite work amazing on the new iPhone6? Yes it does, all features enabled, all bells and whistles, ok time to upgrade.

                  I don't care why my apps run better on the new iPhone6, I just know it does run better, sometimes a lot better. Technically it could be because the iPhone6 has 1gb ram and the iPhone4 only had 512mb, or maybe it is because the iPhone6 has a higher clock speed than the iPhone4, who knows, who cares, my measurement is, does my apps work in a way that I am experiencing in a good way, or does it frustrate me because it is slow the whole time.

                  As long as its a pleasure to use my apps and my phone I am happy, I don't care about ram, cpu, 32bits or whatever, if my phone becomes a frustrating slow mess, then I upgrade, I know the tech is old then.

                  Last edited 13/09/14 11:14 am

        Like the woman on the radio this morning that said, it's still 8MP camera so that hasnt improved. Cause, you know, megapixels are the only thing that makes a difference in a camera.

          That's a pretty good example of why understanding technical specifications does matter. If the woman on the radio understood that there are measures other than resolution when describing cameras, she'd have understood that the camera quality can be greatly improved without the resolution needing to be changed.

          Technical specifications are an objective way to tell how well something will perform the tasks required. seeker suggesting that the latter is somehow better and the former is only for 'out of date geeks' is little more than childish invective, much like his use of 'dear boy' in half his other posts in this article. I'm a little surprised you upvoted it.

            Yeah I totally agree, I think I was quick to agree to then make my point about how people don't understand specs and think all 8MP cameras are the same lol

            But I do agree with the fact that its about how something handles a task more than what the specs sheet indicates.

      Performance wise, iPhones and Windows Phones don't crash and stutter as much with outdated hardware.

        They do if you update the OS to a more recent version. iPhones are notorious for poor performance on updated iOS versions, a tactic by Apple to encourage you to buy the next model up.

          So do Android devices when/if their oem ever supports their devices long enough, so the more powerful hardware don't seem to give them much advantage anyway. In saying that my Lumia 920 has only gotten faster with every update for the past 21months, I can't complain about that, will see if this run continues once i get the WP8.1 update.

            Apple typically only supports iPhone devices for 3 years before withdrawing support and marking the product as end of life. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S2 went EOL in January of this year (3.5 years), the Galaxy Nexus went EOL with Android 4.3 (3 years), many of the early Sony Xperia are still supported (3+ years), same for LG. It's fairly safe to say Android and Apple devices typically have equivalent support cycles. I don't have information on hand about Windows phone updates.

            All OS updates generally slow down older hardware, I'm certainly not saying iOS is unique in this respect. I'm simply countering your statement that performance-wise, Android is worse than the rest. With no comment on Windows, iOS at least suffers from this issue worse than Android does on comparable hardware.

              As a former Apple tech (not Genius), whilst Apple may stop selling a device after 3 years, the hardware support carries on for 5 years after the product has left the shelves. After 5 years, the item becomes 'Vintage', and whilst support may still be offered, it is no longer guaranteed, and no new parts or materials are produced for it.

                The figure I quoted is end of life (ie. end of support) for the iPhone 4S, which has support discontinued with iOS 8 on September 17, which is only 3 years after it went on sale, and certainly not 5 years after it hit EOS. I don't know how that affects other product lines or your Apple tech side of things. From your description, what Apple calls 'vintage' is generally called EOL elsewhere.

                Last edited 10/09/14 1:25 pm

              Performance wise Apple and WP products are still more consistent anyway, from new to old. Comparison, GF's 6 month old Note 3 has crashes more times than my L920 and her old iPhone 4. Regarding older devices such as the S2, my sister has one, still crashes frequently! My GF's older iPhone 3GS, and my older Omnia 7, which came out around the same time as the S2, while degrading in performance, still run rings around it regarding performance and stability. It's a known fact that compared with iOS and WP, Android do take a harder hit in performance, maybe due to its feature set?. Older versions of Android moreso as they weren't even hardware accelerated.

          Dear boy, that generalisation simply isn't true, and you know it.

            Dear boy, Hows iOS 7 going on the iPhone 3G (or the 3Gs)?

              It doesn't IOS 5.1 max on the 3G and 6.1 on the 3GS. I have owned both and used them on their last official firmware and using them becomes a complete nightmare so you need to update because it becomes unbearably slow im talking 40 seconds to open a text slow and so slow i missed calls because the phone couldn't answer it in time.

              iPhone 4 and 4s were also widely reported as having awful performance in the iOS 7 update.

              Dear boy, terribly. Of course, people like you always complain when they try to run software on unsupported hardware.

            I'm sure you're capable of leaving weak attempts at diminutive language at the door, so please do so. You can call it a generalisation if you like, but it's been benchmarked on the last two major iOS releases prior to 7.1.

    why wouldnt they use 1366 x 768

    The iphone 6 and 6 plus are the ugliest phone ever, I'm staying with the iPhone 5s!

      Like EVER? Out if all the phones made...ugliest ever? I can't even...

      Stay with your small screen 5s no one cares

    The iphone 6 and 6 plus are ridiculously expensive. o_o $1300 for a phone? Most people only use the internet, and make a few calls on their phone, and that's pretty much it. Is it a good idea to pay $1300 for that? You could buy a laptop, a mac air, with that overpriced price. I'm pretty sure that there's sony experia's, htc's, and samsungs, that already give you a longer battery life, and more storage space, for almost half the price, for broke students like me. Unless you want to spend two years paying it off, and paying probably more for it, in the long-run, if, like most people, especially students, you don't have a spare $1300 to burn.

      So don't buy it. Plenty of cheaper options available.

      Last edited 10/09/14 10:38 am

      Wait - you mean the top of the range model in a premium brand isn't designed for broke students?

      Color me shocked. I bet those jerks over at Aston Martin have been discriminating against you poors as well.

        I don't think it's unreasonable to call any company that trades off being a 'premium brand' independent of product quality 'overpriced'. Doesn't matter if it's Apple, Aston Martin, Versace or Nike. Why would any sane person pay extra for a brand name?

        Last edited 10/09/14 2:37 pm


          Dear boy, you really must get some perspective. There are plenty of cheap, nasty Android phones out there for people prepared to devalue their user experience. I'm sure you can find one.

            Out of the seven posts you've made in this article, three of them start with your childish attempt at diminutive language 'dear boy'. If you want to be taken seriously you're going to have to leave that petty nonsense at the door.

              Dear boy, you need to be less sensitive.

                Or you could grow up and stop acting like a baby.

                Last edited 11/09/14 11:51 pm

        Well why does every dole bludger in centerlink have the latest iPhone if it's so premium and high class (Not that im on centerlink myself but i have worked in the same building as a centerlink).

        Most people who have a mobile phone have a plan. Most users also dont realize that telcos sell their network off as wholesale which can end up costing the consumer a quater of the price per month for a pay by the month BYO phone no contract plan I.E. Telstra sells wholesale access to Aldi sim and Optus sells wholesale access to anyone and everyone I.E. TPG, Vaya, Anysim, Woolies etc.

        To go on a standard plan with a company like telstra or optus you are normally already paying $60 odd per month so they will throw in a phone to go along with that and most of the time it's the high class IPhone and Samsung galaxy as you put it.

        So the next time you walk past a centerlink look around and remember how you think Apple is a high class device when every junkie is busy sending snapchats updating their FB status and generally shouting about every single FB status update their ex is making at the time across the street to their mate. Also remember this post.

          Poor people having something doesn't magically not make it the top of the range. Nor does it not make it a premium product, where 'premium' is defined as 'offered at a price point above the median'.

          But your hilarious anecdotal evidence about 'junkies' and 'dole bludgers' certainly trumps, I dunno, basic math.

          (also, I never said an iphone was 'high class'. That's your own silly inference. And if you think there is such a thing as a 'high class' mobile phone, you are as clueless as your rambling post)

          Last edited 12/09/14 7:13 pm

      Actually, you'll find that the handset is heavily subsidised. My iPhone 5 64GB, on a two-year contract at $28/month, only cost me $672 over the two years, or 67.3% of the purchase cost. It is a premium product, that is being subsidised by the carrier. If you can't afford it, then maybe look at a lower-spec model

        I suppose that leads the question, is the iPhone 6 good enough in today's market to still be considered a premium product that justifies its price? Power and capability tends to jump quite a bit in competing product lines; in comparison a lot of commentators are observing a comparatively small improvement in the iPhone 6.

        What makes a 'premium product' premium? At what point does a premium product stop being premium and simply becomes an average product with a high price tag?

          The way I understand it, premium is where you can charge premium prices and people still buy it, it stops being premium when people stops buying at the prices you are charging for it.

          Convincing people to buy your product at your premium prices usually involves raising quality or brand desire etc., but it doesn't automatically translate into quality, look at Beats for example, premium product since charges a premium price, but definitely not the best headphones out there in the same prices range than the competition, but brand desire allows them to sell at premium prices and people still buy it.

          So to answer your question based on this premise, if the iPhone 6 sells by the millions again, are out of stock at launch again, people queueing for hours again, then yes, it can still be considered a premium product. It means the people are buying what Apple is selling, at the prices Apple dictate.

          To elaborate a bit more, a understand 'over priced' to mean a situation where you need to buy a product and have no other alternative and the maker of the said product charges a premium price, like most car parts, you have to buy the parts from the manufacturer of your car, which means the dealer can charge a premium price, but you have no other alternative. Monopolies have the same advantage, in the iPhone case you do have an alternative, buy cheaper Androids or Windows Phones.

          Last edited 13/09/14 11:29 am

      Most people only use the internet, and make a few calls on their phone, and that's pretty much it. Is it a good idea to pay $1300 for that?

      Of course it's a dumb idea to spend $1250 on the 128GB model if all you plan to do is make calls and browse web pages.

      Off the top of my head there'll be nine different configurations between the 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. Eight of those are cheaper than the $1250 model you mentioned, and many are more appropriate for use solely to make calls and web browse. Most users probably won't purchase outright either.

        Don't let facts get in the way of an internet whinge. One time, I wanted a new beer coaster, and Apple demanded I pay $1049 for a top of the range ipad! RIPOFF.

        Last edited 12/09/14 7:17 pm

      You right ,.....ONEPLUS ONE Qualcomm Snapdragon 801(8974AC) Krait 400 Quad Core 2.5GHz 5.5Inch CyanogenMod 11.0 OS Smartphone 3GB RAM 64GB ROM LTPS Screen 13.0MP 4G FDD-LTE OTG NFC Black.
      ....or less on small budget.....ZOPO ZP998 MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz 5.5 Inch Android 4.2 OS Smartphone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM FHD 14.0M OTG NFC 5G Dual Band WIFI Air Gesture Black AUD

    While i'd love a better camera i'm not paying an L series lens price for a bump of plastic. Any news if the GPS has increased accuracy? The upgraded specs seem mediocre, can see Apple's shares diving. Probably better off paying someone to replace the battery in my 4S when it finally fails. Best news of the day was a free U2 album.

      Bottom of the barrel L series lens vs a brand new top of the line iphone 6 5.5"...... yeah great comparison..... I'm not going to buy this TV when I can buy a motorbike.... errrrr cool analogy.

        You're a bit off there, the cheapest L-series lens is about $800 in Australia. The iPhone 6 price is about in line with mid-range L-series lenses.

          ONE IS A LENS
          ONE IS A PHONE

          There's no comparison at all haha.

            Really? The iPhone 6 doesn't take photos then? News to me.

            You might have missed what okibi was saying. He's not comparing a lens with a phone, he's comparing the 'improved' camera on the iPhone 6 (and very few other notable upgrades) against the price difference of a cheaper phone and an L-series lens to stick on it.

              Yeah but that's like saying... Iphone 6, I could just buy 200 disposable cameras instead....

              I fully get what he's saying but it's comparing apples and oranges.

              No point arguing... I'm sure we all agree the bumps are mediocre. I'm on a 5 now and it literally died today. I've toyed around with a couple of Android phones and they're fine but I like the iphone ecosystem and have so much invested in existing apps so gonna stick with it.

                My view has always been that you should go with whatever phone works best for you. What bothers me is the dick waving that always accompanies these releases. If you like iPhone, go for it, just don't pretend it's something it's not. iPhones aren't the most powerful or capable devices. Android phones (particularly modified) aren't the most secure devices. Windows phones have a pretty shit app ecosystem.

                Not saying you're doing it in particular, just a thing that bugs me about these threads. People seem to have to justify why they like something by pretending it's the best at everything, or pretending the things it's not the best at don't matter. It's stupid and it stops people from being objective about their tech purchases.

                  Yeah you're right on the money there... same thing applies to consoles:


                  It's 2014 ffs, spend a couple hundred on any phone and you can't really go wrong ;)

              he is exactly comparing a lens to a phone. that is EXACTLY what he is doing. fenix is right. why compare the price of a fridge when discussing a microwave? they both do something to the temperature of food but it doesnt mean its a good comparison to line them up against each other.

                No, he wasn't. He compared the lens to 'a bump of plastic', ie. the new camera on the new phone. He even specifically says he's addressing the camera upgrade. His argument is a straight price comparison: that if the sole thing with extra value over the previous model is the new camera (and not, for instance, better GPS resolution), it's a waste of money.

                I don't necessarily agree, but that's the argument being made.

                Last edited 10/09/14 8:36 pm

        He clearly just wanted to throw out 'L lens' so we could all be hella impressed at his PRO PHOTOGRAPHER equipment purchases.

        His cat photos are so sharp you could cut yourself on the 100% corner crops.

      Better off buying a batter for $5 off ebay and replacing it yourself it took me 5 mins and one youtube video with no experience to do this.

    The iPhone 6 Plus will better suit my needs - I inter-use the iPad Air and iPhone, but there are times I just have the iPhone, and a bigger screen would be an advantage, so I will go for the 128Gb Plus, while my wife will probably go for the 128Gb iPhone 6 to supplement her iPad Mini. Given that I have over $1.5k apps shared between iPad and iPhone, it woul;d be too expensive to change to another brand...

      I dunno exactly but I'm pretty sure $1.5k would buy you every single app in either the Windows Store or Google Play. And if it didn't, the $600 or so you'd spend on a flagship device for either of those OSes would more than cover the shortfall.

      Or just go for an iPhone 5. These pones are more expensive than the top of the line androids yet have worse specs than mid range 2012 phones.

    Expensive AF... I've had a good run with my 4S, but Xperia Z3 Compact here I come.

      Same currently on the 4S but switching to the Xperia z3 probably full size though. Love the specs and ps4 link.

    Very much underwhelmed by the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    Its got a better Camera (lower F stop is nice) and a bigger screen. The 'new' NFC payment system will be nice, but all of these 'smarts' have existed in competitor products for quite some time now. The new processor is fast, and I'm sure gamers will be eyeing this off, but I doubt most users will even notice the 25% increase in speed during everyday use.
    I actually think is a very bland looking phone. The smooth edges actually serve in making it look very generic, not the edgy styling found on iPhones of old. And I know the new camera is likely going to be fantastic in use, but having it protrude from the back of the phone just makes it look like an after thought and not part of the smooth aesthetic the designers are obviously shooting for.
    The biggest omission is the lack of sapphire glass, which would have been great on such a large thin phone. I wonder if this is being held back for a possible inclusion on the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7? Reports have been that Apple have struggled to produce the sapphire accurately during large scale production.
    I think if NFC and a nicer camera are a huge deal to you then you might consider this new iPhone, but if not...well meh....whatever.

    Last edited 10/09/14 9:40 am

      You fail to mention what you are using now. I have an iPhone5, so the upgrade from iPhone5 to iPhone6 is bigger. If you upgrade from iPhone5s to iPhone6, then not so much. That is the big reason I am on 2 year upgrade cycles, no need to upgrade each year, and the jump every two years is nice.

      Now I will get TouchID and the rest of the iPhone5s goodies and the new iPhone6 goodies.

    I guess my questions are finally answered, my upgrade path is clear. Sticking with an iPhone5 is the way to go. These new giant ugly slabs that Apple have released will be the death of the iPhone, and the smartwatch will drown with them.

    A shame. I do like my iPhone, but I like it's compact size and style, and don't get me stared on the crazy prices.

      I'm surprised they didn't also release a third model that was a similar size to the 5s for people who didn't want a big bump up in size.

      We'll be sure not to get you stared on anything...

      Look, I am a big fan of my iPhone5, I am very apprehensive of the new 4.7" size still, maybe it works well, maybe not. I doubt it will be the death of Apple though, I just added my pre-order and the iPhone6 64gb is all out, can't pre-order anymore, I had to pre-order the 128gb.

      The USA blogs indicate some pre-orders will only be fulfilled in November 2014, so would it seems the market is going nuts again and the product is selling.

      Then on the apple watch, if it does all the stuff it claims to do in the announcement, then that is a day 1 buy for me, and I doubt I am the only one. I won't be buying as an everyday watch, for that I prefer elegant mechanical watches, but as an exercise watch, the apple watch will retire my polar watch.

      Last edited 13/09/14 11:46 am

    Both of them aren't particularly interesting. The bigger thing worth watching is Apple's integration between iOS and OS X. That's a far more interesting action. On the other hand, this is almost making me consider going to Android.

      I'd add the following two to that list:

      a) Apple Pay - NFC has sort of dragged it's feet for a while. I imagine Apple being Apple, they'll kick start the market and other OS and devices will benefit as a result as well from increased visibility, vendor support and consumer understanding.

      b) HomeKit - Home automation seems pretty close to being a field thats potentially useful and will have huge ramifications for consumers, so any progress on technologies to assist with integration is good news in my eyes. Apples name being on the tech again won't hurt and again I imagine will help boost other vendors visibility too.

      Along with Handoff, all Apple's most interesting announcements so far have been predomintly playform/software ones this year in my eyes.

      Exactly i think IOS 8 is intentionally designed to get some users to rethink a mac for their next desktop or laptop purchase. Personally I don't use macs and prefer windows but if your into that sort of thing it's good.

    iOS + different screen size = fragmentation!

    It helps to understand one simple fact: we are not their core market.

    For all the negative talk in forums like this one they'll end up selling 100 million units in a year, and at triple the average price paid for an Android phone.

    Because people in general don't care about jigabits or pixelbytes, they just want something that does cool stuff, and does it with the least possible effort. And that's what Apple is great at creating.

    Last edited 10/09/14 10:53 am

      How dare you be the voice of reason and understanding..... the people want more jiggawatts

      What annoys me about that, and it's completely true, is that most of those sheeple truly believe that ONLY an iPhone can do all that stuff. Seriously, go and read the comments on the article at the SMH/Age site. The level of ignorance of your average iPhone user is mind-boggling.

        Yes, because you can start editing a document on a Samsung phone then seamlessly pick up editing the same document on a Sony VAIO and then on a ASUS tablet.

        Oh, hang on ....

          If I use Google Apps I can do that and also keep editing it on an Apple computer and iPhone and iPad, so your argument doesn't really hold water.

            Except it's apparent you don't understand the feature. We are not talking about storing and then retrieving. Dropbox does that quite well (and far better than Google Apps).

          Yes, you can do exactly that on Android. Did you bother to check before you replied?

            Did you bother to understand the handoff feature before you commented?

              Yes, I did. The functionality has been there between ChromeOS and Android for years? Browser, document and email live sync have all been in Android for years, and there are apps like MightyText and Hangouts that let you do the rest (SMS, phone calls), between Android and any device (including Mac).

              I know because I've been using all of the features advertised in handoff (except for phone call transfer, which tends to kill the battery) for a while now between Android and Windows PC.

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          You can edit it on just about anything and it doesn't break PDFs when viewed on the system unlike your lovely little Apple products which do.... Oh, wait... You're a dickhead. Ohhhh... Sorry.

        Anyone who uses the term 'sheeple' has voided their right to an opinion on anything.

        This comment right here I don't get. I prefer Apple, I know there are alternatives, and they might be better, they might not be better, but my Apple products work for me, the eco system works for me, the apps work for me.

        I find the whole workflow of how the Apple products interact and integrate convenient. My Apple products makes me more productive, I have no reason to switch, I find the premium prices Apple charge not much higher than the alternatives and I am happy to pay it. Yet android fans need to call me and my fellow Apple users 'sheeple' because we don't really care about gigabytes and terabytes and gigahertz and gigaflops and whatever else, we have a day job and the Apple products help us do our day job in ways we find pleasurable, will more gigaflops make my day job more enjoyable? No, better apps will, better workflow in my tasks will, not gigaflops.

      Well if they're willing to pay exorbitant prices for a phone that does the same thing as other phones half the price, that's punishment enough for their stupidity in my eyes :)

        Don't make the mistake of equating 'not giving a shit' with stupidity.

        Most of our luxury purchases are emotional decisions, not logical ones. We very likely have absolutely zero need for a new shiny gadget, or a copy of the latest addition to our monstrous pile of shame (looking at you, Destiny).

        They're totally unnecessary to our survival or wellbeing; they won't feed us, they won't keep us warm, they won't keep the wolves from hunting us down one by one in a terror-filled frenzy on a moonless night in the middle of winter.

        But we'll buy them anyway, in our millions.

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    Yay!!!! Another worthless piece of expensive shit in the lineup of overpriced turds that is apple's iPhones. Fancy hardware that no one will end up using and they'll fill it useless 5 minute amusement apps that tell you when you might fart next. I pray nobody will fall for this extortionist nonsense.

      If you think the app store is about fart apps then you really haven't looked at it, there are so many fantastic apps out there. Incidentally Apple stopped accepting useless fart apps back in 2010. :)
      Overpriced yes... worthless no. Cant say I really like the look of the back of the phone though.

        You're kidding yourself if you actually think this is going to introduce something new to an already saturated market. Lets face it, they are merely exploiting those change junkies that get cotton boners at the sound of apple. You don't honestly expect developers are going to stop producing gimmicky apps merely because apple shakes their fists, sorry to burst your bubble, but guess what? THEY STILL ARE. I don't know if you've seen the statistics on this but there are more apps coming through than apple know how to deal with. Plus, the processes used to determine their 'worth' is more of a tick box process than any real assessment. Maybe just maybe they put out a press release saying they are doing something about it to remove the stigma of useless apps attached to their product. I grant you... For someone who doesn't have a phone could consider this polished turd... But they are better buying something further down the aisle that offers the same output.

          I think you are reading too much into my response, but Apple deny apps all the time based on them not being up to scratch or what they consider to be an already saturated app genre (such as fart apps etc). Perhaps spend some time checking out some of the better apps rather than dwelling on the crap, if you are into music making for instance there are some amazing apps in that area. No doubt there's a bunch of craptacular apps out there, but there's also a bunch of true gems in all genres. Ultimately it comes down to whether you want to buy in to the iOS ecosystem (or are already locked in) or are content with another operating system. Its really nothing to get too worked up about you simply make your decision either way based on your needs/preferences/budget. The earth keeps turning whatever you decide.

            Seen guys on the train playing those lame little games on their phones. They must have brains the size of a pea - what a waste of sperm they are. My advice is to man up and stop playing on your little gadgets. Here are the quote from Apple - "Bigger than bigger" and "Hugely Powerful Enormously Efficient" - what a bunch of tossers.

        It could be that my understanding of over priced is wrong, but as far as I know, a product is really only over priced when the price is at premium and you have no other alternative available to you at the same quality level.

        When the prices is at a premium but you do have other similar quality alternatives available to you at lower prices, then the product is not over priced, it is a premium product then, since it demands a premium price compared to other similar quality products. It could be demanding this premium based on different factors, maybe quality, maybe brand desire, whatever it is, the market sees the product at a premium price, but is still willing to pay the premium price for the product out of free will.

          Yeah I see what you are saying, but I think "overpriced" comes down to individual perspectives/perception (overpriced for me). Take Monster HDMI cables for instance, many would agree that they are way overpriced but the company still managed to sell plenty of them at hyperinflated prices so a certain type of person obviously thought they were not overpriced.

          For me personally, my definition of overpriced kicks in when you are paying a substantial percentage of the cost of the product for the brand name itself, compared to the actual quality or usability of the product (lets call it brand name tax).

    Real "jump the shark" moment for Apple... there's nothing here making me want to upgrade, if anything I can get better elsewhere for cheaper (which today seems to be assured now)

    Last edited 10/09/14 11:13 am

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