I Can't Have Enough Of The Italian Return Of Róisín Murphy

I can't have enough of the Italian return of Róisín Murphy

I've been listening to Mi Senti — the last EP by electronica music goddess Róisín Murphy — for the last few months. Her long-awaited new work — created with her partner Sebastiano Properzi — takes classic Italian songs from the '70s and turns them into masterful covers. Here's Ancora Tu, originally by Lucio Battisti.

The music video uses footage from L'année dernière à Marienbad, the surreal film by Alain Resnais.

It takes some serious guts to cover Lucio Battisti or Mina and survive the ordeal not only unscathed but victorious. Her songs are very different from the originals, yet they completely capture their essence. Brava Murphy!

Irish singer, songwriter, producer and musical goddess Róisín Murphy started her career with Mark Brydon in legendary trip-hop band Moloko. She then went on to release the albums Ruby Blue and Overpowered, plus many other singles and collaborations. Her songs have been featured in countless series and films. If you have ever danced in any club, you probably have shaken your booty to her tunes. You can buy Mi Senti in vinyl or download it here.

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