How Much A European City Has Changed In 100 Years

My favourite thing about these then and now type of videos that show what the world used to look like versus what it looks like now is not seeing what has changed but seeing how much has actually stayed the same. This video shows the 100 year difference at Alkmaar in the Netherlands.

The video was made by Frits de Beer, Tara Rikkens and Michael de Vreugd and shows Alkmaar in 1914 and 2014. The scenes in the side-by-side video are shot from the same angle so it's easy to see the difference.

PetaPixel says that a lot of the old footage from 1914 couldn't be recreated in 2014 because "some locations are 'gone' now, while others have gone drastic changes that make them hard to identify."


    I have often wondered if you could do a side-by-side comparison with photos and artwork. Sure there are buildings you could compare, but I'm also thinking of landscapes. Nicholas Chevalier (Buffalo Ranges), Eugen von Guerard (Mount Kosciusko) are classic Australian Art examples.

    Would be pretty difficult to do in somewhere like Brisbane, where most of the old buildings have been ripped down to put up lovely 1950's and 1960's cement blocks

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