Here's A F1 Car Racing Against A Motorcycle Racing Against A Supercar

Here's a F1 car racing against a motorcycle racing against a supercar

Video: For a second, you think hey maybe the motorcycle has a chance in this Top Gear bit since it screams to a lead but then the land-based jet machine insanity known as an F1 race car steps it up and the other two are fighting not to get lapped by the closest thing we have to a teleportation device on Earth.

Marc Webber raced the F1 car, Jamie Whincup was in the superar and Casey Stoner used the motorcycle.


    A real F1 car!

      Yes I believe it was a real F1 car but this was year(s) ago. It's still amazing to watch the differences in the three

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    Was Casey's Honda just a standard production bike? Shame that he didn't have a proper MotoGP bike. He would've dominated the "Supercar" far more otherwise. Actually maybe that's why he was nerfed. Can't be embarrassing the local product too much :P

      I think it was more to do with there not being a Redbull MotoGP team..

        The Repsol Honda team is pretty heavily sponsored by Red Bull and all of their Riders (including Casey) are Red Bull Athletes. I think the reason would have more to do with Honda not having a bike available for casey

      This was all last year. Was good to watch in person. It was a production bike as Stoner wasn't racing Moto GP he was racing V8s and you will notice its his V8 that was used on track. So I doubt Repsol Honda wanted to loan a bike out for someone who's not contracted with them at the time.
      Edit: Also that me! One of the blurry faces behind the flags

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    A year and a half old, but still good.

      did'nt they do this at Melbourne last year but staggered the start so they all came in relatively close together ? RedBull F1 still nailed it

        they've done it every year at Melbourne GP for a while now. Though haven't used a bike, it's been whatever the quickest Mercedes is they can get their hand on vs V8 supercar and a 3 year old F1 car.

    That was definitely worth watching on the 65" with the sound system :)

    Marc Webber?? Whos that.......Oh you mean the Aussie MarK!

    Yes, they are "real" F1 cars.
    usually with detuned motors (for reliability), very hard tires (for durability) and very raised ride height (for drivability on shitty roads).
    but still, they are real f1 cars
    also, they need to be 3 or so years old, as the FIA will crack the sooks, as they will class it as "testing"

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