Duff Beer Pulled From Australian Shelves

I hope you managed to snag a case of delicious(?) Duff Beer before this weekend: you'll struggle to find it on Aussie shelves after today following a complaint that saw it fall foul of alcohol advertising standards.

The product was launched less than six short months ago by Woolworths, however the brew has had to be pulled from shelves following a successful complaint to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code adjudication panel. The ABAC is a voluntary industry-regulated board that keeps the alcoholic beverage industry honest.

A complaint was submitted to the board suggesting that because The Simpsons — the show in which the brew is cribbed from — is popular with adolescents and children, an argument was made that the sale of Duff Beer constituted advertising alcohol to minors.

As a result, Duff Beer is dead. [Yahoo]

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