BlackBerry Reminds Us It Still Exists With New Porsche Design Phone

BlackBerry Reminds Us It Still Exists With New Porsche Design Phone

The long-running Blackberry/Porsche hookup has just pumped another device onto the BB10 landfill, with the release of the P'9983. It's like a regular BlackBerry, but with a Porsche logo and slightly more angles.

The P'9983 basically seems to be a Q10 on the inside, with the same 3.1-inch screen and 8MP camera, not to mention a whole "14 hours of talk time", for when you need to scream at your worthless minions for four hours straight. No, the differences here are very much in the design department: the P'9983 is far more angular and clean-cut than the softer Q10, and even has a 'glass-effect' QWERTY keyboard for extra angle-ness.

Not sold yet? Wait until you hear this: the P'9983 comes with it's very own CUSTOM BBM PIN! That's right: if you buy a P'9983, you get an "exclusive Porsche Design PIN ID group - 2AAXXXXX". Just think of the parties you can have with your other Porsche Design Device owners!

BlackBerry hasn't announced a price or launch date yet, but it's a safe bet that it will cost far more than it's worth (and, if history is any indicator, somewhere north of $US2000). [BlackBerry]



    I suppose its the only thing they can do at present, they are capitalising on the exclusivity of their IP. That seems to be the only thing holding them up when you compare it to apple or samsung etc.

    OK so a Automotive company has designed a phone....
    Has anyone seen the info-tainment systems in cars? there horrible
    Why would anyone want a phone any Car company has touched yet alone one with a useless OS like BBOS from a delusional company that still thinks they are in any way enlivenment like BB.

    I find more often than not that that people who flaunt their Porche branded phone or their Ferrari branded pen drive a Datsun and wear trackie pants with fake DKNY sunnnies they got from Paddy's market. Worthless garbage for poseurs with no style, class or real money whatsoever.

    Why would anybody want to use keys to type. Swyping is the only way to type.

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