Australian Man Jailed For Unsolicited Sexting

Australian Man Jailed For Unsolicited Sexting

A New South Wales man has been thrown in the slammer this week for sending unsolicited “sexts” to nine women.

His name is Peter Sheather, and he’s 42 years of age. He was convicted this week of nine counts of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend and will spend three years in jail.

What did he do to earn those three years? Well, a court found that he sourced the phone numbers of women while working at a pool business and then sent photos and videos of himself performing lewd acts.

The Magistrate in the case said that if you looked up a definition of “depraved” in the dictionary, “you would find…Peter Sheather.”

AAP reports that Sheather is expected to appeal the decision. [SMH]

Man sexting image via Shutterstock