Android Continues To Gain Market Share Over Apple's iOS In Australia

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, one of the most authoritative data providers on global smartphone market share, has released its latest survey findings for the three months to July, and Android continues to gain ground in Australia.

It shows Android continues to gain ground in the battle for market share in Australia. Apple's iOS market share is flat at 27% (up 0.1%) from the same period last year, while Android phones are now pushing the two-thirds market share threshold, with 66.5% market share compared to 63.4% last year. The Windows platform was down 1 percentage point to 5.7%.

The numbers set an intriguing benchmark ahead of the release of the iPhone 6 this month. Apple may be stalled in terms of market share, but the Android growth is not coming at Apple's expense.

Courtesy Kantar Worldpanel ComTech

Globally, the big surprise is the emergence of Xiaomi in China, the world's biggest market. Xiaomi now has almost 32.6% of the manufacturer market in China, followed by Samsung and Huawei.

Kantar's strategic insight director Dominic Sunnebo said Samsung was successfully starting to execute on Apple's long-standing marketing approach of graduating existing new users up to newer models. "Some 52% of customers who bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 in Great Britain had previously owned a Samsung model, while 20% were previous Apple owners, and 18% moved from HTC," Sunnebo said. "Apple is very good at giving existing customers a reason to remain loyal to the brand and to upgrade to new models when released. Samsung is becoming increasingly adept at employing the same tactic.”

Android market share in Australia, though large, is still behind other key advanced markets. Android's share in the US is 62.9%, and in Britain it's 59.5%.

But in other countries, Android is utterly dominant. France is 75% Android, Germany is 82%, and China is 85%.

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    to be expected considering no new product running iOS was released during the first half of the year and also the proliferation of product that run android. im actually a little surprised the gap isnt wider considering majority of non apple phones are android....except for nokia of course and a smattering of htc running windows etc.

    Am I wrong or does the editor need a talking to.

    "Android market share in Australia, though large, is still behind other key advanced markets. Android’s share in the US is 62.9%, and in Britain it’s 59.5%."

    You say Australia is behind the US and Britain at 62.9 and 59.5% respectively however Australia's rate is 66.5% this to me is ahead of the US and therefore Britain...

    It is approaching the end of current generation iPhone, it is expected.

    Find it odd how everyone compares 1 manufacturer (Apple) to many different manufacturers. I guess it works in cases when directly comparing/talking operating systems, but most often that is not the case.

      I get your point, but I think the comparison in large is being made between iOS and Android. However these stats would probably be based on the number of iOS devices connecting to the App Store (so it would probably still include 3GS as well as the iPad 1), and include all Android phones and tablets.

      Well it's probably because thats the main deciding factor when choosing a phone for most people. Most of the smart phones are very similar, especially to people who aren't tech savvy.

    Poor old WindowsPhone. It's hard to not feel sorry for Microsoft with such an abysmal (and shrinking) market-share.

    Last edited 02/09/14 12:48 pm

      It's not too different to Apple's share of the PC business. And even a tiny global market share still involves big numbers - 7.4 million Windows Phone handsets were shipped last quarter, which is at least an order of magnitude more than it would have been with Windows Mobile a few years ago.

      I don't, they've put through too little, too late. Although WP8 was a massive improvement on WP7, it was still ages behind Android and iOS. The best part about it is the tiles, otherwise other phones tend to do the same thing except with much better app support.

        I agree regarding MS lagging severely behind iOS and Android with WP8 (and the still-highly-lacking app ecosystem) however I guess I'd still like to see them succeed eventually, solely for competition's sake. Heaven knows what they can do to get more users though, as the poor 3rd party app scene is obviously a chicken and egg problem with low user count->low developer count>low app quality & availability.

        The only thing that impressed me about WindowsPhone hardware was Nokia's Pureview cameras (namely the 1020 even if it very slow) but Android cameras from Sony have already caught up, and will only get better with the new camera API in Android L. Same goes with the usual camera improvements from Apple we'll no doubt see with the iPhone 6.

        What was so good about WP8? WP7 was fine, the 8.1 update was a bigger deal than the change from 7 to 8. And how is it behind iOS when it has supported NFC and QI charging for ages? iOS is pathetic, it only supports about 3 different screen resolutions and even fewer CPUs. you just don't notice because only Apple uses it. WinPhone is streets ahead of it. Realistically, it is iOS that is miles behind the others, still stuck on tiny phone screens with no support for quad-core processors.

    The Windows platform was down 1 percentage point to 5.7%.

    Adding a link to this to my bookmarks for whenever somebody says "Where is the Windows Phone app?"

      Who ever says that? WinPhone has plenty of apps and many of the best, like Weather & Surf Australia, are Windows Phone exclusives.

        First example I found

          Yeah, right, because everybody is just dying to watch TV on a 4" screen. I've installed both SBS On Demand and TenPlay but never felt the slightest desire to open either. If I want to watch TV, I have a 29" screen to make it worthwhile. What else you got? How about a screen that is as easy to read in full sunlight as it is indoors? Or phone that not only comes with QI charging built in but also has a wireless charger in the box?There are things that matter, things you'll appreciate several times a day, then there are things that sound OK but, in reality, are a waste of time.

      I like WP. It syncs with my PC exceptionally well. I've never had an app issue personally except maybe the missing Suncorp app but the mobile-site is faster anyway.

    Lets look at the list again in December.

    iPhone 5S is still the single best selling smartphone and if you consider even toasters run Android these days the stats can be misleading.

    When it comes to smart phones there is only one stat that counts which flagship phone is the best selling.

      The states are only for iphones. Not toasters or refrigerators. Just Phones.

    Wow, I assumed ios was way higher than that... cool ;)

    You have to remember that Apple only has the one product and Google has how many different phones with their OS on it? Android is a lot cheaper so people will go for that instead of paying $700 plus for an Apple phone. People vote with thier wallets

      Samsung phones are the same price as iPhones. It's a shame that they don't give Samsung stats. Wouldn't mind betting that they were equal to apple. Every where you look, there is Samsung phones.

    I am guessing that the people who were going to buy iOS phones have already done so, but the low end of the market takes longer to saturate. In the provincial town where I live even members of the lowest socioeconomic groups are sporting massive new phones with giant screens.

    I keep hearing these statistics, but everybody I know has an iPhone and/or iPad. Friends, family, business associates. I literally do not know anybody who uses Android.

    I tried the Galaxy S3 for about 3 months while I was disputing a warranty issue with Apple. While I liked a few key things (which have since popped up in iOS), it was such a mess otherwise.

    I can understand why the tech literate and customisers might prefer Android, but iOS easily beats it for point-and-click ease of use and integration.

    Maybe this is a price thing. Way more people driving Suzukis than there are driving Audis.

    Android is gaining market share over apple as it provides enormous options for developers so that they can think about making games and applications for android devices and the demand for android is also increasing these days. In the United States, at least 50% of all Smartphone users are having Android devices. Android’s share in the US is 62.9%, and in Britain it’s 59.5%.

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