This Portable Hot Tub Makes Any Camping Trip A Luxurious Affair

This Portable Hot Tub Makes Any Camping Trip A Luxurious Affair

Have you ever been in the woods and wondered, “Why isn’t this place more like a spa?” Well, wonder no more, my adventurous friend. The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is here to save the day.

As the name implies, the Nomad is a portable hot tub. The heavy vinyl shell fits onto a sturdy frame and holds up to 852 litres of water. The fully assembled vessel ends up being 150cm across and 60cm tall, providing roughly enough space for four fun-loving adults to soak in the setting of their choice. When collapsed, the whole set up shrinks down to a 38cm by 38cm cube that fits neatly into a duffel bag.

Now you’re probably wondering something new: “How do you fill the tub with water? And more importantly, how does the water get hot?” These two key features come a la carte in the form of a third party water pump of your choice — Nomad recommends this one — and a water heater coil that doubles as a fire pit. You can power the stainless steel water heater with propane, natural gas, or regular old firewood.

Luxury in the wilderness does not come cheap. The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub (just the tub) retails for $US550, and the water heater coil will set you back $US625. However, you can buy the two as a bundle for a cool $US1000. If that sounds too steep, Nomad also sells a less portable galvanised tub that works with the water heater coil, starting at $US185.

But you can’t really put a price on relaxation, now, can you? Plus, more expensive and more absurd portable hot tub solutions do exist. [Nomad]