There’s A Wind-Catching Sail Hidden Inside This Stand-Up Paddle

Stand up paddleboarding has reached peak fad, as is evident by the long list of accessories we’re finally seeing that cater to those who’d rather explore the waters on their feet. The one you might actually want to consider, though, is this rather clever standing paddle with a compact sail that pops in and out of the handle.

In development for over three years, the DaSail from a company called Sailpaddle isn’t significantly heavier than your standard SUP paddle, but is far more useful — especially if you’ve been on the water for hours and are looking for an easier way to return to dock. The $US420 paddle’s sail can be deployed and retracted even while standing on a floating board, and with a strong breeze and a bit of skill, your paddle might not even have to dip into the frigid waters. [Sailpaddle via GearJunkie]