Samsung Galaxy S5 Photo Features: HDR, Selective Focus, Gorgeous 5.1-Inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 Photo Features: HDR, Selective Focus, Gorgeous 5.1-Inch Screen

The best camera available is the one you have with you, and the Galaxy S5 packs great camera specs — twice the megapixels of the iPhone 5s. Let’s look at some of the GS5’s features that help capture memories in vivid detail, including phase detection auto focus (usually reserved for DSLRs), selective auto focus and smart HDR preview. All brought to life by a Full HD Super AMOLED screen.

Take Photos Like A Pro

As you can see in the videos above and below, the Samsung Galaxy S5 helps enhance photos before and after you take your picture. Turn on the HDR (High Dynamic Range / rich tone) setting when there’s a strong counter light — or when the subject you’re shooting is shaded — and you’ll be able to preview the adjustment in real time, improving your photo’s lighting and colour balance before you’ve even taken it.

Afterwards, Selective Focus allows you to control the depth of field and focus point, blurring the background and accentuating the main subject in defined detail.

The Galaxy S5 features Phase Detection Autofocus to quickly refocus what you’re shooting and help capture fast movement with clarity…

Learn about the Galaxy S5’s photo capabilities at Samsung Australia’s website.

5.1-Inch Full HD Super AMOLED Screen

This is Samsung’s brightest and most defined phone screen to-date. Your photos will look amazing on the high-def display. And despite the big screen, the Galaxy S5 remains a compact phone that’s easy to hold and slide into your pocket.

The GS5 screen automatically adjusts when you find yourself under the sun or too much light. And in the dark, the Galaxy S5 can dim more than ever to help your eyes feel comfortable in the dark. Samsung’s Adapt Dislay technology cleverly monitors your environment to optimise colour range, saturation and sharpness.

Learn about the Galaxy S5’s Full HD Super AMOLED screen at Samsung Australia’s website.

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