Microsoft Built A Surface Pro 3 Out Of Cardboard For Aussie Schools

The Surface Pro 3 is finally available in Australia today. To pump up sales excitement in the education sector, Microsoft's been producing Surface Pro 3 units out of cardboard.

Play School would be so proud, although it's not exactly a functional Surface Pro 3, so be wary if you're buying one via eBay. For a rundown on how an actual Surface Pro 3 runs, feel free to read our Australian review.

This isn't the only stunt Microsoft's been pulling around the Surface Pro 3. Its effort to show the Surface Pro 3 to journalists involved a tour bus that we were told belonged to the Rolling Stones. Depending on where you sit on the Microsoft hardware fence, that's got to be either because it tastes so good, or makes a grown man cry.

[YouTube via The Verge]

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