Is ISIS Actually Attacking PSN?

A group of ISIS hackers are taking credit for a DDOS that took down Sony's PSN and Battle.Net over the weekend. Or did they?

A group calling themselves Lizard Squad is taking credit for the downtime over the weekend for both Sony's PSN and Battle.Net. Hacking attempts at PSN are really nothing new, but in this case the group claiming responsibility appears to have a distinctly political and religous twist, with Lizard Squad having claimed a jihad against Sony.

Attention grabbing script kiddies or genuine political activists? It's hard to tell, but given the tone of many of Lizard Squad's tweets, it's definitely quite tasteless. While claiming responsibility for the downtime, Lizard Squad also started tweeting out bomb threats to a flight apparently containing Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley, an action which led to the flight being grounded.

At the same time, however, as per the Inquisitr, @FamedGod is also taking credit for the PSN downtime.

Right now if you try to log into PSN, it's down due to scheduled maintenance. Presumably if either claim is accurate, that maintenance will include a lot of bug fixing and hopefully some hardening of PSN's security systems.


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    Last time this happened was the reason I bought an Xbox 360 :p.

    Stop referring to DDos attacks as hacking! DDos-ing is about as easy as stepping on an insect.
    It ain't hacking.

      BREAKING: ISIS have stepped on multiple ants. Reports say they are searching for the nest, unconfirmed whether they have found it yet. More details at 6.

      The term lost it's traditional definition over two decades ago. It's time to let it go and just accept that 'hack' means to use technology for unintended, often hostile, purposes regardless of the level of first hand skill or knowledge required to perform the act.
      Besides it's not like the modern definition doesn't work. I don't think I've ever seen anyone confused as a result of the word being misused.

        I think the word hacking lost its pizaz when jurrasic park referred to the young girl as a hacker when she was just a pc user.
        Its like download, when everyone decided you download to a usb and not transfer, that drives me nuts

    would ISIS do this sort of thing??

    Archer, Pam and Krieger would be against it ...

    ... Malory, on the other hand..

    I noticed this over the weekend - was wondering what was up as it felt like the servers were getting pinged heavily - HS/D3 were very sluggish at times randomly disconnecting and kicking me out of matches. It cleared up quickly enough but as others are stating - Denial of Service attacks aren't 'hacking' and all they do is annoy people wanting to have some fun.

    It's not just PSN. They were disrupting the servers all weekend as well.

    why the fuck is this lizard squad twitter still online? im pretty sure tweeting threats of terrorism is against the TOS...

      What bugs me is that their tweets are embedded in this article, giving them even more reach :/

    Isn't it about time we just drop a bomb on these areas and wipe everything out. Start from scratch so to say. Once this has been done, other groups might decide not to get all fighty because they would just die anyway. Same with Palestine and Israel. Tell them stop fighting now and the first to attack the other country gets their country nuked off the planet. Easy, simple and final.

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