Is ISIS Actually Attacking PSN?

Is ISIS Actually Attacking PSN?

A group of ISIS hackers are taking credit for a DDOS that took down Sony’s PSN and Battle.Net over the weekend. Or did they?

A group calling themselves Lizard Squad is taking credit for the downtime over the weekend for both Sony’s PSN and Battle.Net. Hacking attempts at PSN are really nothing new, but in this case the group claiming responsibility appears to have a distinctly political and religous twist, with Lizard Squad having claimed a jihad against Sony.

Attention grabbing script kiddies or genuine political activists? It’s hard to tell, but given the tone of many of Lizard Squad’s tweets, it’s definitely quite tasteless. While claiming responsibility for the downtime, Lizard Squad also started tweeting out bomb threats to a flight apparently containing Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley, an action which led to the flight being grounded.

At the same time, however, as per the Inquisitr, @FamedGod is also taking credit for the PSN downtime.

Right now if you try to log into PSN, it’s down due to scheduled maintenance. Presumably if either claim is accurate, that maintenance will include a lot of bug fixing and hopefully some hardening of PSN’s security systems.