Google Cardboard’s Cheap VR Can Work With iPhones Too

From Oculus Rift to the rumoured Samsung Gear VR, immersive virtual reality is on the rise. Still, from what we’ve seen so far, the legions of iPhone users seem to have been left out of the mix. Not so! Your iPhone is good for VR too! Thanks to, er, Google!

This great video by 9to5Mac explores using Google Cardboard to turn your iPhone into an interactive 3D experience. You’ll recall that back in June we got our first look at Google Cardboard, the company’s virtual reality headset concept, which illustrated that you didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy into the future — you could use your phone.

As 9to5Mac points out, if you slap the case on your iPhone you can use a handful of iOS apps out there developed for the Durovis Dive — which is basically like Google Cardboard except made out of plastic. These apps are simple, but they allow you to look around in three dimensions as if you were wearing Oculus. For a slightly more scaled back experience, you can also search YouTube for stereoscopic 3D video content.

One of the wonderful things about emerging tech like VR is that the early stages involve a lot of hacked-together solutions. Who would have thought a Google concept would have been amongst the first to bring an Apple product into the VR future? [9to5Mac]