Gawk At The Detail In This LEGO Fawlty Towers Hotel

Just... what? We've seen some mighty impressive LEGO creations over the years, but this diorama of the hotel set from the BBC's Fawlty Towers is the first I've seen where if you squint enough, it almost looks real. Well, except for the potted plant on the couch.

Crafted by "oo7", a user on LEGO forum Eurobricks, the recreation rates highly on the attention-to-detail scale. It was recently visible in the flesh (plastic?) at BrickFair in Virginia, US.

Sure, it's no Rivendell, but the the smaller focus means more care has been taken with the little things, like the pattern work on the floor, the mounted moose head and even the clock.

More photos are available on Flickr.

[Eurobricks, via The Poke]

Photos: oo7 / Nathan

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