Drive The Future: One Month 'Til Formula E Starts Racing

There's only one month to go until the first Formula E road race. To build hype, the all-electric racing series has a new TV commercial, and the ad presents a vaguely unsettling, but completely awesome, peek into an electric future.

One day, stop signs will be start signs. Smoke and oil will be electric sparks. And the city will be ours.

The car sounds cool, there's a bit of tyre spin, and there's plenty of slow-mo. Nothing too fascinating, but it's still good fun and the series itself should be good to watch. /DRIVE did a great shakedown video on the cars a year or so ago which is well worth a watch:

Bonus: here's some testing and promo videos for Formula E, showing off the Spark Renault SRT_01E. The first race is in Beijing on 13 September, just under a month away.

[FIA Formula E]

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