Coffee-Brewing Clock Wakes You Up... To Wake You Up

Need an alarm clock? You're spoilt for choice, depending on how eager you are to chase it around the bedroom. Loud noises aside, we all know the key to really waking up is injecting caffeine via one's teeth, a task designer Josh Renouf can mostly help you with, if he ever mass-produces his "Barisieur" — an alarm clock and coffee-cooking station all in one.

The design itself is straight-forward, though it looks more like a science experiment than something that belongs on a kitchen bench — or in this case a bedside table.

A heater beneath the water-containing beaker on the left (image above) warms a bunch of ball bearings, generating steam. This flows through the suspended glass tube across to the coffee-filled filter on the right. After that it's essentially a process of drip-brewing, with the end result ready for a swift downing by a nearby stirring human.

The sad part of this story is that the Barisieur is not a thing. Well, there's the prototype here, but if you're in the market to buy one, you'll have to hit up your closest DIY store instead.

[Joshua Renouf, via Design Boom]

Photos: Joshua Renouf

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