BBC Undertaking Sweeping Investigation Into ‘Top Gear’ Because Jeremy Clarkson: Report

BBC Undertaking Sweeping Investigation Into ‘Top Gear’ Because Jeremy Clarkson: Report

Top Gear and its host, Jeremy Clarkson, are no strangers to controversy with gaffes involving racism, sexism and other negative -isms making their way into the public eye over the years. The British Broadcasting Corporation which produces and televises Top Gear has now had enough of the shenanigans, and is reportedly undertaking a massive review into the culture behind the scenes on the show, with a primary focus on the antics of Clarkson.

The Guardian reports that Jeremy Clarkson’s recent racial slurs in the Top Gear: Burma Special and an outtake in which he used the N-word in a popular children’s nursery rhyme have forced the hand of the BBC to undertake a sweeping investigation into both Clarkson and the show’s long-time producer, Andy Wilman.

The show’s two other presenters, James May and Richard Hammond were reportedly interviewed about the behaviour as part of the investigation, and staff behind the scenes were also quizzed.

The BBC is reportedly concerned that it has lost control of Top Gear, and wants to remind staff of the policies of the public broadcaster. The investigation is reportedly seeking to determine whether or not the Top Gear office has a culture of secrecy, and if staff are afraid to speak up when they see something going awry.

After repeated racial slurs seeped out into the public eye, Clarkson is reportedly on his last warning with the BBC, despite the fact that he posted an apology video following his N-word gaffe, posted above.

Has Jeremy Clarkson gone too far with Top Gear? What should happen to him? Tell us in the comments.

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