Apple Is Replacing Some Defective iPhone 5 Batteries

Does the battery life on your iPhone 5 suck? There's a small chance that might be because Apple sold you a defective unit. Here's how Australians can find out.

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Apple says that a small percentage of iPhone 5 models sold between September 2012 (when the phone launched) and January 2013 don't charge properly. For those models, Apple will replace the battery free of charge. (That means you'll need to back up your phone, wipe it and return it to Apple, but that might be worth it if you're sick of constantly trying to find power for your device.)

To determine if your phone is eligible, type its serial number into Apple's special site. Apple has a help page describing how to find the serial number. Note this only applies to the iPhone 5; it doesn't affect the 5s or 5c.

In Australia, you can't return your phone to an Apple Store or service centre until 29 August -- but you can work out if you're eligible straight away.

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone 6 model on 10 September (Australian time), so if you're contemplating an upgrade soon, you might not think the changeover is worth the bother. For everyone else, it makes sense to get better battery life if you're eligible and having problems. And if your iPhone isn't eligible, our guide to improving battery life and reducing annoyances in iOS 7 is still useful.

Apple [via MacRumors via Business Insider]

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    I know two people with the iPhone 5 who have already had batteries replaced. They did not have their phones wiped. No backup was required.

    I doubt this is a "small" issue.

    I have just paid to have my daughters replaced. We even bought a mophie to help extend battery life

    They're a bit late on this aren't they? I already shelled out $90 at the Apple store to have it replaced. A refund would be nice.

      if your phone is eligible and you've paid to have it replaced you can get a refund. Call them up

        Thanks for the heads up. Refund sorted!

    Just had the battery replaced at the Apple Store a few days ago. If you have an iPhone 5 then it will be under 2 years old and they should replace the battery for free. They took the phone and asked me to come back in an hour for the battery to be replaced. No wipe was required, but should backup the phone just in case. For anyone who paid, I don't see why they wouldn't give you a refund if you just show them the receipt.

    and get "We’re sorry, there was a problem processing your request. Please try again in a few minutes" as an answer - forever ..... dagnabbit

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