16 Ways To Use FLIR’s Incredibly Fun Predator-Vision iPhone Camera

16 Ways To Use FLIR’s Incredibly Fun Predator-Vision iPhone Camera

There’s no doubt about it, being able to see more than just the visible spectrum is the closest thing most of us will ever have to superpowers. Seeing the world through its heat signature is almost like having x-ray vision, and let’s not forget, even the Predator made sure to bring his thermal camera with him on his hunting trip to earth.

However, spending $US350 on a case that probably cost more than your subsidized iPhone is a tough call. If you can write it off as a work expense, then congratulations, you beat the system. But the rest of us need to find other ways to justify its cost. So as a service to our readers, we spent a week with the FLIR ONE and have come up with a list of other uses and reasons why you can’t possibly go another day without pre-ordering one.

Knowing what’s too hot to touch when climbing into a warm car on a sunny day.

Avoiding subway handrails that have recently been pawed by other riders.

Dodging sketchy end-of-day discounted sushi that hasn’t been properly refrigerated.

Using science and technology to unequivocally find the coolest side of your pillows.

Determining where your car’s engine might be overheating.

Finding which of Ikea’s cinnamon buns were freshly baked.

Dousing a campfire and knowing for sure all the embers are extinguished.

Pinpointing the coldest spots in your freezer.

Confirming if that juggling busker is indeed using real flaming torches and worthy of your pocket change.

Figuring out what side of your frying pan heats up the fastest.

Making sure your cheap knock-off iPhone charger isn’t about to burst into flames. (Please don’t buy cheap knock-off iPhone chargers.)

Spotting a Sasquatch in the woods. (Or a random hiker, who can really say?)

Confirming a campfire-toasted marshmallow Peep is far too hot to just pop in your mouth.

Finding the least scorching place to stand on a subway platform in the summer.

Totally dominating kids at hide and go seek.

Finding the best spot in a campfire to toast a marshmallow. (Hint: anywhere.)