Microsoft Killed The Surface Mini. For Real This Time.

Yep, Microsoft Killed the Surface Mini. For Real.

In an earnings report released today, Microsoft confirmed what many of us had already accepted into our hearts: The Surface Mini is dead. Vale, Surface Mini.

Under the headline "Computing and Gaming Hardware," the company's lengthy report confirms the kill in one toss-away sentence: "Current year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments resulting from our transition to newer generation devices and a decision to not ship a new form factor."

Microsoft pulled the elusive Surface Mini, a 7-inch alternative to the hybrid Surface line, from the NYC Surface Pro 3 event in May. Its sudden departure was puzzling, though the Mini would have been entering an already hostile market.

Almost a month later, the little tab made several appearances in the Surface Pro 3 users guide, giving some hope that the Mini might come to pass. It seems Microsoft, channeling its inner Gandalf, will allow no such thing. [TechCrunch]



    I would buy a Surface Mini, on the condition that it was an iPad Mini (W/ RD).
    I have a 15 inch laptop, so I don't need/want a 10 inch+ tablet.
    I have a 4.7 inch phone, so I don't need/want a 5 inch-8 inch Phablet.
    An 8 inch tablet is the perfect middle point, however the current range of low-resolution (1280 x 800 is low resolution even for a 5 Inch phone) are disappointing.
    Why don't I just buy a iPad Mini w/ RD? There isn't any good reason I suppose.

      You can always grab a Lenovo ThinkPad 8 with a 1920x1200 screen. I got one a couple of months ago and it's capabilities have blown me away. The combination of its 128Gb SSD and USB 3.0 connectivity make it a properly capable PC that can fit in the pockets of my shorts, my pants and my jacket. Yesterday I rendered a close-packed array of 125 teapots (800,000 faces) in 3DS Max, with global illumination, in under four minutes per frame.

    Deciding not to ship it is not quite the same as killing it off.

    I think it may still come out at some point, but the question I have is will it have Windows RT on it?

    I love my Surface Pro but I feel like a Surface Mini would just be a weaker alternative to a Lumia 1520 with a similar price tag. I get the impression Microsoft realised that when they pulled the plug on it. I'm guessing if we ever see a Surface Mini hit the shelves it'll be a Nokia Surface Phone.

    Probably best that they didnt release a Mini, considering their last few Surface's havent gained them much market share.

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      Are you sure? Do they get counted as tablets or as PCs? Does anyone know?

    The smaller you get, the more difficult to use and useless the Windows desktop gets, which means you rely more on Windows 8 apps... and that basically makes it useless.

      I have been using the 8 inch dell venue 8 pro which is a full windows 8.1 tablet and its surprisingly easy to navigate legacy apps and use the desktop version of chrome. Not to mention you can always just attach a keyboard / mouse when your at your desk at home.

      But yeah i wouldn't go any smaller then 8 inches for a full windows desktop experience.

        If I'm at home, I'm probably going to dock it with a monitor. I have the Venue 8 pro too but legacy apps just weren't designed for finger nav unless you scale the display up... and then you start losing valuable screen real-estate.

      How do you figure that? You get the best mobile browser and access to hundreds of thousands of apps plus every piece of software ever made for Windows. It makes the App Store look pathetic. And the good thing about a Windows tablet is that it's a Windows tablet. That means you can hook it up to a monitor, to an optical drive, printer, external storage and absolutely anything else you can plug into a PC without having to go out and buy special cables or connectors or any of that krap. On top of that, it is also a tablet. If the Surface Mini was as good as a ThinkPad 8, it would be the only PC many sheeple would need. If I didn't need Quadro graphics for some of my software, it would certainly be all I need.

    Currently I use a Dell Venue 8 Pro and its honestly the best tablet I have ever used. Essentially its to me a clear indication of what the surface pro mini would of been.

    Its a 8 inch windows 8.1 tablet with 2 GB ram and a quad core Intel processor. the 32 GB model can be picked up from ebay brand new for $180. Also you can buy a 64 gb model for more of course however in all models there is a micro sd slot as well so you can pick up a 120gb micro sd and use it as a 2nd hard drive.

    So basically its got a full version of windows 8.1 with no restrictions (Also it came with a full version of office 13).

    Its powerful enough to play full pc games such as skyrim, South park stick of truth and Dirt 3.

    I can fully network it with my PC's in my home and any shortcomings in the windows app store are made up by the fact that i can install any windows legacy app i like.

    Anyway id highly recommend it.

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