‘World’s Dumbest Criminal’ Fails To Successfully Rob A Harvey Norman

‘World’s Dumbest Criminal’ Fails To Successfully Rob A Harvey Norman

If you’re planning a major gadget heist from a store like Harvey Norman, you need a few things. Cunning, speed and a getaway car that works. Sadly, this alleged crim had none of the above, after police nicked him trying to get away from a freshly-robbed store in a broken down car.

Farifax reports that the man allegedly entered a Sydney Harvey Norman store, making off initially with speakers and an external hard drive. After putting those in his car, police will allege that the man went back into the store to clip two iPads from their displays only to make off with them too.

Staff reportedly saw the man in the act, and chased him from the store. An employee was allegedly clipped by a wing mirror as the perpetrator escaped, but he didn’t get far.

According to the report, the man was caught after his car broke down near the store. Police waited near the clapped-out vehicle after they found it and nabbed the man when he returned to retrieve it.

NSW Police Inspector, Ken Henry, said that the man is a solid contender for “world’s dumbest criminal”. [Fairfax]

Thief image via Shutterstock