Woolworths Gave People Free Groceries By Accident Due To A System Glitch

Why can't a system glitch like this happen when I'm at the self-serve checkout?! Woolworths stores around the nation yesterday were caught up in a point-of-sale issue that saw customers being given groceries for free by the checkouts.

The issue on self-serve checkouts saw total bills for customers written down to $0. Some items under $10 scanned up as $0 automatically, whereas other customers saw that whole bills totalling less than $10 were getting the five-finger discount treatment. Nothing like a whole basket of groceries for free! There's no word on whether anyone was able to wander out of a store with a whole basket of free groceries, mind you.

The issue saw checkouts closed off for a matter of minutes around the nation yesterday afternoon, but they were shortly re-opened once the issue had been cleared.

Woolworths has said that the issue related to a $10 discount promotion, adding that it became a "discount" for a number of customers following the system error.

The supermarket giant is taking steps to make sure it won't happen again.

Trolley picture from Shutterstock

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