Weekend At Bronys: How You Can Crowdfund The Brony Party Of The Year

Weekend At Bronys: How You Can Crowdfund The Brony Party Of The Year

The Brony is a much misunderstood sub-culture in today’s society. Despite the misapprehension by some, a Bronycon is about to kick off in Sydney for another year and it needs crowdfunding help to get a massive kick-off concert underway for this year’s Con. Welcome to Sydneigh!.

Before we talk you through the crowdfunding project, let’s explain what we’re dealing with.

A “brony” is someone who identifies as a male fan of an the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated series. Bronys are male fans, typically between the age of 18-35. The brony culture developed on 4chan before spreading to the wider internet through memes. The MLP board on 4chan is one of the site’s most popular sub-sections.

Sydneigh isn’t specifically a con for male fans, it describes itself as a show for all fans of the MLP show. This year’s Sydneigh is being held at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern on the 27th and 28th September 2014.

So where does crowdfunding come in?

Well, Sydneigh organisers want to hold a massive kick-off concert for this year’s con, featuring musicians from the MLP and Australian Brony communities.

The concert would happen on 26 September if all was to go well, and Sydneigh organisers need $6000 as a minimum to get it off the ground.

Stretch goals for the project will allow organisers to bring additional musical and cosplay talent to the shows.

You can kick in via Pozible.