This Kid Took Apart A Microwave To Create An Insane (And Stupid) Weapon

This Kid Took Apart a Microwave to Create an Insane (and Stupid) Weapon

So don't take a microwave apart. Don't. Take. A microwave. Apart. Don't do it. Don't! But if you were curious about what would happen if you did, these idiots have you covered. It's as awesome as it is stupid! It is very awesome and very stupid.

According to Kreosan, the crazy microwave-stick's creators (and Darwin award contenders), this contraption is a microwave's magnetron on a stick, with a directional antenna to aim it. The result is a magic wand that can light up lights, blow up stereos, oh and also definitely kill you.

Kreosan describes his/their/its channel this way (Google translated from Russian):

Our channel video about unusual experiments with electricity, experiments and inventions. Here we share new ideas, different from the majority of habitual thinking.

It's sure to be a great ride until someone dies. [Kreosan via Digg]



    See... This is how supervillains are made..! :)

      and of course they are russian. oh what a cliche.

    This is actually really really stupid.

      You should see the other stuff they do with mains voltage electricity. Scary thing is I have a feeling this guy is like the village electrician.. If I'm right it's scary to think of the the kind of stuff he's probably jerry-rigged in peoples houses.

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      It is beyond stupid, and a bloody quick way to get killed.

    I like the way his suit is too big and he blows stuff up.

    this is how cleansing the gene pool is done.

    I strip any microwave oven that dies simply for its microwave gun. Up a microwave loud speaker so we can make Astronauts on the iss hear voices.

    The insane one here is the person holding the camera.

    The guy with the magnetron keeps it at the end of a stick with the open end of the antenna pointing away from him. The camera person at one point sits there recording while the widget is pointed directly *at* him/her.

    Can someone explain exactly how this would kill you?

    I understand Microwaves excite particles, and having the particles inside your ticker excited would certainly cause damage, but it would take an extended period of direct exposure (longer than 10 seconds) to cause enough damage to kill right? Obviously the camera man survived what appears to be a fairly direct dose.

      It won't "kill you", not immediately.

      You will be much likelier to die at some later stage from cancer. Some chance of burning, neuropathy, very high risk of permanent sterility.

      The main risk of death from opening the covers on a microwave is from electrocution from capacitors that can hold an easily lethal charge.

      Basically A Really Stupid thing to put on the internet at all (because people WILL copy this).

      Have you heard the arguments about the effects of mobile phones? One of the arguments from the "not dangerous" camp is: mobile phone signals are non-ionising radiation.
      Well, the hefty stuff coming out of a magnetron is IONISING radiation.
      It resonates with water molecules, which is how is heats food. Every cell in your body contains some amount of water, waiting for this to boil it and make the cell swell up and burst like a cheap balloon.
      Fancy some third degree burns to soft tissue, without the sunburn on top?

    guy u=is living in a warzone (ukraine) let him have his fun!

    Was this shot near Ukraine? Were those cannon shells exploding in the final few seconds of the clip?

    found dead the next day........

    I was the electronics maintenance officer in an electronic warfare squadron. One day I came into the workshop as a guy was using a 2.4GHz jammer to warm up a plate of food. That became a learning moment for him.

      Supposedly the idea of a microwave oven arose from the warming effect of standing in front of the big microwave dishes used for WW2 radar.

    this is what is lost in the west... letting our kids be creative and experiment.. its how you make inventors...

    you cant have that penknife for your birthday Jimmy, you might cut yourself...

    Not sure if it was the intent, but it appears to be a homemade and (unintentionally?) powerful EMP gun-like device.

    He made a "Darwin Award" attempt machine, Bravo chap

    Probably played with spent plutonium as a kiddie in a cot ...

    Really Stupid. If he lives long enough, cancer awaits. Notice that many of his neon lights were lighting up when the "directional" antenna was NOT pointing at them - actually looks like the bulbs directly in front of the soup can were not lighting up. Wonder if he bothered to check how well the bulbs lit when positioned near the handle. Also at about 2:40 in the video he shows the range of the field to be well over 50 feet, BUT he starts standing next to the magnetron - almost as close as the blown radio.

    why stupid? I see guy who know what to do with his microwave gun. bombs and rockets in politics hands are not stupid? why politics has permision to using weapon but other people not?

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