These Folding Shelves Pop Right Out Of The Wall

These Folding Shelves Pop Right Out of the Wall

Reminiscent of those wall-mounted foldaway beds, these shelves hinge out from their main, framing structure to create impromptu, versatile storage.

Made from high-quality ply, these shelves — which have the rather unfortunate name of Fläpps — have been created by AMBIVALENZ. They come in various sizes, so you can hang them wherever they fit, and in fact they feel a bit like you're hanging frame to fill with your own objects to create transient works of art. Well, a little bit.

They'a neat, practical storage solution — simply fold them away when you don't need them — that happens to look pretty cool. You can buy them online; they start at about $US200. [AMBIVALENZ via Design Milk]

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