The First Apps And Custom ROMs For Android Wear Are Here

The First Apps and Custom ROMs For Android Wear Are Here

Android Wear is finally shipping to early adopters, which can mean only one thing: a slew of third-party apps and hacks. Now, the first of them are here.

Perhaps don't get too excited though. The first third-party app is Byte Me Software's Binary Watch Face, reports The Verge. It's, well, a binary watch face, designed for people who like a mental workout whenever they need to check if they're late. By all reports it's not perfect, but at least it looks nice.

The first game, according to TechCrunch, is... a Flappy Bird clone, called Flopsy Droid. Swap the dumb bird for an equally dumb Android mascot and, well, you can imagine the rest.

And for those who want to mod their new gadget from the get-go Android Central reports that there's already a custom ROM for the LG G watch called Gohma. Apparently it offers longer battery life, different vibration modes and reduced lag. And, uh, the ability to mess up your new toy. [Binary Watch Face, Flopsy Droid, Gohma via Verge]

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