Telstra Launching 700MHz Trial Networks In Six Sites Around Australia

After a massive spectrum purchase in the Digital Dividend options, Telstra is giving customers in six areas around the country early-access to its 700MHz network thanks to a new trial.

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Telstra received a test license from the ACMA last week and is now working to power up 20 towers with the 700MHz frequency.

Perth, Fremantle, Mt Isa, Mildura, Griffith and Esperance will all benefit from the 4G 700MHz service in the coming weeks.

Telstra currently supports three devices on its 4G 700MHz service: the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Huawei Advanced Pro X Modem. We're double-checking at this point if the upcoming LG G3 will be supported.

As far as new devices getting 700MHz capabilities, Telstra says that it's a "moving target", adding that it hopes to add more going forward.

The 700MHz band supports better in-building coverage and greater capacity over time thanks to the 20MHz of contiguous spectrum Telstra acquired in the Digital Dividend options. Telstra hopes to achieve close to its theoretical maximum speed of 220-225Mbps in the test sites.

Telstra is giving the network to its customers to test ahead of its full release of 700MHz in January 2015.

Optus has also switched on its 700MHz test sites, with Darwin and Perth set to test the new networks.

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