Spotify Adds Surprisingly Exciting Equaliser To Its iOS App

Spotify Just Added a Surprisingly Exciting Equaliser to Its iOS App

Remember equalisers? You know, the little dials that used to keep your tiny boombox speakers from tweaking out at high volume but have sort of disappeared in the world of digital music. Well, they're making a comeback in the latest update to Spotify's iOS app, and I'm unduly excited about it.

Update your Spotify app now, and you'll gain access to a simple but useful new equaliser. Spotify says it was one of the service's most-requested features, so they built it. The equaliser comes with 22 presents — everything from classical to hip-hop — each of which you can customise with just six different sliders for different frequencies. The very useful "small speakers" preset is a godsend.

Obviously, equalisers never really went away. Whether you're a hi-fi stereo aficionado or just an advanced iTunes user, there are plenty of ways to boost your bass or optimise your treble on your home sound system. It's just nice that you can do it on the fly now too. [Spotify via TNW]

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