Splendour In The Grams: A Live Instagram Feed Of The Byron Bay Festival

One of Australia's biggest music festivals, Splendour In The Grass, kicks off this Friday in Byron Bay. The festival experience can be perfectly summarised in Instagram collages, but there's never been a great way to view all the social action in one place. Until now. Enter Splendour In The Grams, a real-time social Splendour collage from the designer of the Triple J Warmest 100 prediction chart.

Splendour In The Grams is a social collage of photos taken and uploaded to Instagram on the popular #SplendourInTheGrass and #Splendour hashtags. It cycles images as they're uploaded, and also includes a link to the Triple J live stream of the Splendour festival.

The mind behind Splendour In The Grams is Nick Drewe. You may remember Nick as part of the team that successfully hacked the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown last year, nailing down most of the tracks based on smart social media aggregation of votes. Nick describes Splendour In The Grams as a quick site he built that will display photos from Splendour in "near real-time".

"I think this will be an awesome way to watch along," Nick says.

Right now it's just a lot of people packing up ready to go to Splendour this Friday, but come the weekend the site will be bursting with great content.

Check it out! [Splendour In The Grams]

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