Smart's 2016 ForTwo Gets The Top Gear Video Treatment

We already know it does a perfectly good job of surviving a head-on crash with a 2300kg S-Class, but the 2016 Smart ForTwo actually looks nice too. Now, Smart has given the new car a fancy intro video.

The new third-generation two-door Smart car gets the Top Gear video treatment — dark hangar, fluorescent tubes, lots of slow-mo — and, I have to admit, I really like the look of it. Our pals over at Jalopnik have a full rundown of what the city runabout has to offer, and it all sounds pretty damn nice.

I drive an'08 Polo GTI which I quite like, but the combo of smaller size, five-speed manual and rear-engine rear-drive layout is really winning me over to the upcoming ForTwo, even if its 1124kg weight is a lot for its miniature 2.5-metre length. The vaguely BMW i3-ish exterior isn't exactly classically gorgeous, but it looks fun and, living and working in and around the CBD, its tiny size would definitely come in handy.


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