Samsung's Android Wear Smartwatch Is Officially Available For Pre-Order In Australia

Keen on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch but not convinced by the Tizen operating system it runs? Then good news! The Samsung smartwatch running Android Wear is finally available for pre-order to Australians. Here's when you'll get it, and how much you'll pay.

The Samsung Gear Live as it's officially known will set you back exactly the same amount you'd spend on the Gear 2: $249.

The Android Wear-powered Gear Live is packing a slightly better processor over its Tizen-powered Gear 2 counterpart. You get a 1.2GHz dual-core processor in the Gear Live, and a 1GHz processor in the Gear 2.

Another key difference is in the camera module: the Gear 2 ships with one built into the band, while the Gear Live is without the camera altogether.

Other than that, the two are almost identical: you've still got a 1.63-inch SuperAMOLED screen, 4GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM and the 300mAh battery to keep it all ticking over.

The Gear Live will ship from the warehouse to your doorstep on 7 July, one day after the LG G-Watch orders start going out to Australians. [Google]

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