Read In The Rain With This Inflatable, Waterproof Life Jacket For Books

Read In the Rain With this Inflatable, Waterproof Life Jacket For Books

There are many reasons to abandon printed books for an electronic reader like the Kindle — not the least of which being an option to completely waterproof it. But paper books can now boast the same ability to shrug off a soaking with this inflatable floating life jacket that lets you keep reading wherever it's wet.

The You-Bumi bath bag is similar to the water wings that keeps kids afloat, but your book hides inside this sealed inflatable bladder so that there's enough space to still turn the pages using a couple of thumb holes on the bottom. It makes it possible to read even your most valued books in the bath or on the beach without the risk of them getting damaged, even if at $US81 it's an expensive bit of imported insurance. [Japan Trend Shop via TheGreenHead]

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