OK, This Paintball Machine Gun Is Simply Ridiculous

OK, This Paintball Machine Gun Is Simply Ridiculous
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Most paintballers make do with semi-automatic markers — if you’re accurate enough and fast with the trigger, it’ll do a marvellous job of covering your friends in scintillating pink and green. For the professional however, sometimes you just need something bigger. And faster. And stupid. Like this 8mm Breda M37 replica that shoots paintballs… lots of paintballs.

The made-to-order design from paintball shop RAP4 is 127cm long and weighs 13.61kg. While a rate-of-fire isn’t provided, it does have semi-auto, three-round burst and full-auto modes. It supports the “Qloader” system for ammunition, with each “Qpod” providing 140 rounds. That means if it had a similar sustained ROF as the real thing, it’d empty a clip in a little over 30 seconds (or 18 at its maximum ROF).

Given the choice at my next paintball outing, I think there’s a part of me that would snap this up, despite how impractical it is. I’d also be scared of drowning someone. There’s also the small issue of price — an unaffordable $US4999.

[RAP4, via The Awesomer]

Photos: RAP4