NextThere Is Your New Favourite Public Transport App For iOS

NextThere Is Your New Favourite Public Transport App For iOS

There’s a new public transport app on the block for iOS users in Australia. It’s called NextThere, and it’s gorgeous.

Designed and built by a local developer, NextThere is a great-looking transport app that lets you track just about everything related to your journey for the perfect trip.

It knows where you are thanks to the smarts in your phone, and tracks buses, trains and ferry trips in real time to help you get where you need to go.

Rather than set up specific trips, NextThere lets you select the station or stop where you’ll be departing from and immediately shows you the next services set to leave so you don’t have to search through endless stop lists.

You can also see routes and stations on a map, so even if you’re in an unfamiliar area, you’ve got complete control over where you need to be and when.

NextThere will even give you information as soon as it comes through on disruptions to your usual trips, so you can dodge transit chaos.

It’s also a very iOS 7-friendly design with big, bright headers and gorgeous colours.

Right now, NextThere supports transit information for Brisbane, Sydney, Portland and Honolulu, with Apple making it a featured app on both the Australian and US App Stores.

While NextThere is free to download, you can subscribe to a premium tier which gives you as many stops as you like (whereas standard users only get two at a time), Push notifications about disruptions to service, and God mode for tracking vehicles on the in-app map. The premium tier also removes all the ads from NextThere so you can have a clean experience.

NextThere is available for iPhone and iPad devices right now. [NextThere]