Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy In This Five-Minute Teaser

Guardians Of The Galaxy is Marvel's tentpole movie for this year, and it looks like the the comics giant is finally taking a more lighthearted approach to its beloved characters. A five-minute long teaser, sharing a bit of background on the film's titular ragtag bunch, has appeared on the 'net a week before the movie's Australian launch.

The trailer follows our five heroes — Star Lord, Groot, Rocket, Gamora and Drax — into The Kyln, an ultra-high-security prison in the middle of space. By the way, it contains what amounts to probably a minor spoiler or two for the rest of the movie, so don't watch if you intend on sitting down in the cinema with no preconceptions.

P.S We're sitting down to watch a local premiere of Guardians tomorrow night, so stay tuned for our review soon afterwards! [YouTube]

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