Here's Your First Look At Mad Max: Fury Road

We've been waiting for a new Mad Max movie for a long, long time. If this first trailer is anything to go by, it might just be worth the wait. I just got finished watching this and, man. I'm getting shivers.

And interestingly enough, the trailer doesn't feature much of Max at all. It focuses almost exclusively on some insane car chase action and Charlize Theron's character. Already I'm getting a sense that she's going to completely steal this movie from underneath Tom Hardy. Considering how good Tom Hardy is in almost every movie he's starred in, that's a real feat.

I just loved this trailer. Previous reports stated that the movie is basically made up of a single, two hour long car chase scene. George Miller basically confirmed this at Comic-Con.

"The movie is a chase," he said. "It’s very hard when people are chasing across the wasteland to write that in words; it’s much easier to do that in pictures. Because it’s almost a continued chase, you have to connect one shot to the other. The obvious way to do that was with storyboards [which is what they did first], then put words in later. I worked with three really fine storyboard artists and graphic novelists. We sat in a big room and instead of writing it down, we’d say, ‘So this guy throws a thunderstick at a car and there’s an explosion.’ You can write that, but exactly where the thunderstick is, where the car is, and the explosion, it’s very hard to get those dimensions, so we would draw it. We ended up with 3,500 panels, which almost becomes the equivelant to the number of shots in the movie."

I couldn't be more excited for this movie.

Comic-Con: Experience The Insanity Of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' [FilmSchoolRejects]

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    I am cautiously optimistic. I love the first two Mad Max movies, so I probably have unreasonably high expectations. I just want it to have some substance to the plot.

      Plot..! Was there a plot in the original series..? :)
      Never understood why, if there was a fuel shortage, they were continually just driving around in circles wasting it..!

        Wasn't it so they could get more and drive around in bigger circles?

    I felt bad for that lizard :(

      Original Max would not have stomped the lizard....just out of character.

      "Never seen a man beat the snake before. Who are you?
      Reflexes that's what you've got.
      Me l've got brains.
      A fella a quick fella might have a weapon under there. l'd have to pin his head to the panel."

    It's hard to tell if Tom Hardy is trying to do an Australian accent or not. When he says "My name is Max," it sounds British, but when he says "blood" it sounds Australian. I REALLY hope he hasn't attempted an Aussie accent and just failed at it. It'll be like Pacific Rim all over again, and that'll probably throw me right out the movie.

    It sounds like George Miller has just discovered the concept of storyboarding, where, you know, you draw your scenes.

    looks over CG'd.. unrealistic... hope it looks better when finished...

      Can't see that here eh. There's the storm bit and that's about it? Maybe the fireworks at the start? Have also been reading how the director wanted to avoid using too much CG so as far as I've read all the cars are real and they actually did all the crashes and stunts. *shrug*

    Oh just what Mad Max needs - a bevy of relatively clean, manicured ladies and people wearing hollywood style masks.....coz everyone knows the future still has heaps of make-up and fashion-designers.

    I am drastically lowering my expectations for this.

    On a side note: spikey car a la Cars that Ate Paris.

      Rewatched, and they don't look especially clean or manicured?

        Indeed. Was a good reason to rewatch though! :P
        Straight out of a Loreal Hair-care ad ;)

    whats he so mad about anyways?

      Road gangs killed his wife and child.

        pffft classic gen Y over-reaction.

          Bravo. First genuine laugh for the week. Gold star..

    Listen bitches, Mad Max is about one thing - style. It doesn't need a goddamn plot, it just needs to be the coolest, most visceral, most astonishing car chase apocalyptic insanity ever filmed! Who gives a shit about plot? Or accents? Got that kids? Lovely.

    The trailer reminds me a lot of mad max 2 with the tanker

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