Guardians Of The Galaxy: Australian Review

New Guardians of the Galaxy's trailer reveals new cool scenes

If anyone needs me, I'll be camping outside my local cinema waiting until I can go and see Guardians Of The Galaxy again. Here's why.

Mild spoilers below. We've marked the paragraph so you can skip it in the review!

The film centres around our hero, Peter Jason Quill (Chris Pratt), also known as Star Lord. He was abducted from Earth in 1988 and has been raised as an outlaw and scavenger in the galaxy. He's tasked with retrieving an orb of mysterious origin, before he's caught by Gamora (Zoe Saldana) who wants the orb for herself. The pair run into Rocket and Groot (voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel) who want to capture Star Lord to fulfil a bounty contract. The team is eventually caught for causing mischief and thrown into a terrifying galactic prison where they meet Drax (Dave Batista), who wants revenge for the murder of his family by the bad guy, Ronan the Accuser.

All the while, the characters are protecting the orb that so many people want to steal for themselves.

SPOILER ALARM Turns out, the orb everyone's fighting over contains an Infinity Stone, which can give those who wield it the ability to destroy organic worlds with ease. Bad guy Ronan the Accuser wants the orb for his master Thanos, and once the Guardians realise what they have, the race is on to protect the Nova home world from annihilation.


Cue two tight hours of killer action, amazing CGI and hilarious gags.

Guardians Of The Galaxy takes place in the broader Marvel Universe, which is already a pretty convoluted place. The film does a great job laying out the galactic bag of snakes that is ongoing conflict between different races, without really making you think one side or the other is right or wrong.

All we know is that the main villain, Ronan the Accuser, objects to a peace treaty with the Kree and the Nova Corps, and goes on a rampage in the employ of the big baddie, Thanos (who you may remember from the end of The Avengers), who wants to control the universe.

The film scratches the surface of the Earth-616 Marvel Universe timeline by showing off amazing sets like the Guardians' base of Knowhere, the prison facility known as The Kyln, and Star Lord's ship, the Icarus. That really rewards fans for their love of a slightly more obscure comic.

The whole film is a brilliant action/comedy romp, scored with an epic soundtrack and a mixtape of the best '70s hits you've ever listened to. Watching someone fly through space with a jetpack to the Pina Colada Song is something I never thought I'd see.

The timing of jokes is really superb. Even when Drax is about to kill Gamora by strangling her to death in The Kyln prison, the whole audience is in uproarious laughter at a conversation between Star Lord and Drax, who takes everything literally.

My only real criticism of Guardians of the Galaxy is in the pacing at the beginning of the film.

It sort of alienates people who don't know much about the larger Marvel Universe by throwing you straight into the retconned lore of Thanos, Ronan the Accuser and the five Guardians themselves.

Relationships and motivations are pretty hard to understand, for example, when the film gets into Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan). Sure, they're referenced as the "children" of Thanos but it's never really explained that Gamora is a foster daughter and that Nebula is an "alleged granddaughter" following Thanos' resurrection. The Nebula-Thanos relationship is particularly strained in the film, which isn't well understood if you don't get how the two are connected in the comics. That's just me being a huge nerd though.

The broader Marvel Universe certainly makes sense for filmgoers if you've watched a few post-credit scenes from The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World, but some prior knowledge is certainly required to fully enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy.

Even if you're not hardcore into the Marvel Universe, however, the film rewards your patronage with gorgeous action scenes, hilarious dialogue, charming misfits and eye-popping visuals.

It's a big call, but I'm happy to make it: Guardians Of The Galaxy is the best Marvel movie made to date. It has more laughs, more action, more pew-pew and more story than any film before it in the Marvel universe.

Do yourself a favour and go see it.

Guardians Of The Galaxy hits cinemas on August 1.


    Spot on review - it was awesome but that first 10-15 minutes and even I was a bit lost, having read a good chunk of the source material. Once the film got into its groove though it was awesome. Seeing it again on Friday week cause its totally worth a second viewing.

    I only read a few lines because I am not OK with any kind of spoiler, but I caught the drift that it was lots of fun and a good must-see for MCU fans. Thanks!
    +5 Hype-Factor

    Great article, I read up to the point where it said mild spoilers below... those spoilers, below me... because I'm waiting for the film

    I've been looking forward to seeing this film so much, the 8th of August seems so far away!

      Check your local Hoyts because some of them are doing early screenings next Friday - Sunday

        There isn't one near me, only event cinemas for hours in any directions.

          I'm going to one at Event Cinemas in QLD this weekend, so they are doing it too!

          Have a look at the website.

    Sigh, it looks like yet another overly noisy movie with a thin plot, great CGI, and gratuitous violence in which a US male save the world (again). That is, watch it and then its forgotten the moment you leave the cinema.

      You're so cool! Can we all be a redundant, self indulgent, narcissistic xenophobe like yourself spouting cliche'd hyperbole?

        while he enjoys his collection of arthouse films, precious, and preorder of 12 years a slave, we're having a blast watching advanced screenings of GotG next weekend!

        woot i'm so pumped for this!

          God, I suffered through 12 Oscar Nominations a Slave to Oscarbait. Quite a yawnsome movie. Seen *far* better. Chiwetel Ejiofor has done *far* better movies. I still preferred him in Redbelt.

            haha, i know how you feel. I got excited when i saw the reviews on that movie, but it was actually so boring....

        Can't help but think that personally abusing and branding someone with a differing opinion to yourself as a xenophobe is a little ironic. Some people love this movie genre and some don't.

          There's also the issue of the xenophobic comment... you know.

            I re-read her/his comment and I guess you could take the comment that way, but to me personally, the poster's "US male saves the world" comment was more of an observation of the movie and how that particular scenario is getting pretty worn (rather than a dislike for US males in general), compared to yours which was a personal attack on her/him as a person. Anyway...

          That's true, but given this thread is specifically about the GotG movie, why is he here? To post opinion? Sure, but I suspect most people reading this thread are people interested in the movie. Therefore he is trolling & deserves his opinion to be crushed by Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet.

      The main character was raised by aliens and never visited earth.

        I thought he was taken from Earth as a young boy hence having the walkman?

      Actually, he saves the galaxy!

        dude, he guards it. i mean, look, it's right there in the title.


    Hi Guys, is this movie suitable for 10 year old boys? I know it's rated M, but my son has been invited to a party to see it next week and I'm going to break his heart. I'm one of those Mum' just wondering why the M?

      The rating is due to lots of swearing and name calling, mainly courtesy of Rocket Raccoon. There isn't any sex, nudity or drugs in the movie.

        Thanks Klash! Are we talking F bombs?

          No F bombs, very mild language really.

    I enjoyed it, it's very likeable. I however think next time I see it, I will probably sit back more and enjoy it a lot better.

    my review of it:

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