Explore New York City According To The Music It Inspired

Explore New York City According to the Music It Inspired

New York City has not only provided the backdrop for a countless songs, but it's also birthed entire genres of music. So when you start to plot where each of these moments happened, you're soon left with a pretty exciting guided tour of one of the world's biggest cultural capitals. YouTube links make it even better.

This is exactly what real estate developer and known internet prankster Constantine Valhouli did with his new NYC Music Map. The formula was simple: Valhouli combed Wikipedia's list of songs mentioning New York City and dropped a pin with a link to that YouTube video on a Google Map of the city. The end result is simple, but it's still impossible not to click around a little bit.

This is not the first New York City music map, and it's quite as detailed as it could be. A snippet of NYC-related lyrics from each song would be helpful, for instance. But it is a fun way to waste a little time. Heck, you might even learn something! [Untapped Cities]

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