Combine Australian Politics With Puppets? Watch The Hilarious Result

The current government has found itself on the receiving end of some unflattering, though humorous satire, not that it's done itself any favours since coming into power. You can now add a new locally-produced YouTube series called "Puppet Government" to the list of parodies, which combines muppet-like theatrics with, well, somewhat questionable politics.

The most recent instalment (above) tackles the topic of climate change and a particularly kooky plan to "average out" Australia's temperatures. Somehow, I think you'd have a bit of trouble annexing Antarctica in the hopes of creating "New Australian Antarctic Territory" or, uh, NAAT.

The impressions are very good, especially for Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey. Two more clips can be found below — each one is about three-and-a-half minutes long.

There are only the three episodes so far, but it looks like it's on a weekly schedule, so check out the Puppet Government channel on YouTube for updates.

[YouTube, via @chainedchaos31]

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