A Website That Warps You Back To The Hit Songs Of Your Youth

A Website That Warps You Back to the Hit Songs of Your Youth

Do you ever have flashbacks to that high school dance, the one where you slow-danced to All-4-One and had your first kiss under an elm tree while Quad City DJs closed out the night. (Not that that happened to me or anything.) A dead simple but super fun website now lets you travel back to those hit songs.

It's called the Nostalgia Machine, and it does surprisingly well at living up to that name. All you have to do is pick a year, and the website will pull YouTube videos of the songs that topped the chart that year. Again, it's a super simple concept that produces very pleasing results. I did not realise, for instance, that "When Doves Cry" and me were born in the same year. I also didn't realise that Prince has made it impossible to watch any of his music videos online, but I'm not that surprised.

We've seen tricks like this before. But while other iterations of this idea kind of over-complicate the equation, the Nostalgia Machine is straight-forward enough that even your mum could have fun reliving her disco days. Unfortunately, she might miss out on the songs of her youth since the database only goes back to 1960. Sorry Baby Boomers! [Nostalgia Machine]

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