A New Version Of Windows Phone 8.1 Is Coming, And It’s Bringing Folders

A New Version Of Windows Phone 8.1 Is Coming, And It’s Bringing Folders

It wasn’t long ago that we got Windows Phone 8.1, which introduced Cortana and all kinds of other features that helped finally make Windows Phone good enough. Now another WP update is on the way, and it comes bearing folders.

With the snappily named Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, users will get the ability to stack live-tiles on the homescreen to make a folder much like the ones you’ll find in other OSes. When opened, the new folder tile will expand mid-stream in the homescreen, like a customisable homescreen of its own. When closed, its live-tile will cycle through data from all the apps it contains.

That isn’t the only new feature in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, of course. Other little bonuses include a feature called App Corner — Kids Corner but for whatever apps you want — and customisable snooze durations (!) as well as support for future hardware features like dual SIM CDMA/GSM phones, and high voltage charging. No word on the 7-inch phone support though.

Meanwhile in China and the UK, the update will pack in a beta version of Cortana, with Chinese language support (amid other localisations) and an English accent respectively. Australia will get access to her alpha next week.

Microsoft hasn’t set an exact date yet, but the updates will be rolling out “very soon.” Start planning your folders now. [Windows Phone Blog]