A Genuinely Smarter Toaster That Guarantees Perfect Toast

A Genuinely Smarter Toaster That Guarantees Perfect Toast

You’d think by now, after at least 100 years of development, mankind would have perfected the toaster. Burnt bread is still an all too common problem though, but maybe, just maybe, Dualit has finally found a solution with a new toaster that measures the room conditions to help ensure perfect browning.

Your standard given-away-free-with-a-new-checking-account toaster really only relies on its internal temperature to guess when a slice of bread is properly toasted. And more often than not, it’s wrong.

But Dualit’s new Dualit Stoneware and Brushed Architect Lite four-slice toasters use a custom algorithm that takes into account the temperature and conditions of the room it’s in, its own internal temperature, how many slices have been toasted, and how long the toaster has been cooling between uses. You still need to set the dial for your browning preferences, but the algorithm helps guarantee consistent results, no matter how heavily the toaster is being used.

Is that enough to justify the cost of toasters that start at around $US145? For most of us who often skip breakfast, probably not. But for die-hard breakfast and brunchers, this could mean never having to scrape burnt toast ever again. [Dualit via Pocket-lint]

Pictures: Pocket-lint