Woman’s Hair Burns During Selfie, Shows Why We Should Stop Being Idiots

Woman’s Hair Burns During Selfie, Shows Why We Should Stop Being Idiots

This girl burned her hair rushing to jump into frame for a selfie. Who’s to blame? Her? Or maybe it’s the uncouth cameraman taking a vertical video. We should toss some blame towards the open flame candle at a small table too. But perhaps it’s all of us in the wrong. As in all of humanity.

She’s a victim to the selfie. A casualty of our “document everything so we won’t forget a thing but end up missing everything” society. Forest. Trees. Falling down. Who hears it. A good night out can’t be considered that unless someone photographs it, records it, posts it to Instagram, snaps a self-destructing pic, live tweets it, group chats it and so on.

You’re not having a good time until someone else likes it. It’s so dumb.

Selfies are fine. Instagram is fine. Snapchat is fine. Facebook, Twitter, staying connected with friends you haven’t seen in a while through the internet, all that is fine. To cut yourself off from everything is to strap yourself to a weighted box so you can sink down on your own rather than ride the wave of fun with everybody else. It can be annoying to be that guy, you know.

But still. Try and have a good night out without feeding the digital monster. Burn your hair not because you joined a selfie but because it was just that kind of night.

(For what it’s worth, she still looks like she had an awesome night out.)