Volkswagen's Brilliant Ad To Make You Stop Texting While Driving

No matter how many times you hear it, people are still using their smartphones behind the wheel and killing themselves in the process. It's tragic and it has to stop. Volkswagen feels the same way, and scared the crap out of a whole cinema full of people to make the point.

The con was simple: get a whole bunch of people into a movie theatre and get their mobile numbers on the way in (that's the only way it could have pulled this off).

Before the movie, play first-person footage of someone taking off, driving down a straight road. The tunes are playing, the wind is cool through the window, and everyone is enraptured to see what happens next.

All of a sudden, everyone in the cinema gets a text message. They take their eyes off the action with the car to read their phone, and that's when the accident happens. Those checking their phones didn't even see it coming, and that's the point.

So we'll say it again. Don't use your phone while you drive. Please.

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