This Is The New Legendary Bugatti Veyron

Rather than re-invent the most expensive car it's ever made, Bugatti is close to finishing a run of "Legendary" Veyrons. This is "Black Bess", the latest in the Legendary Veyron collection.

Only three of the Black Bess Veyron Vitesse are being made, and each one will cost $3 million when they're released. Bugatti has sold every single car it has made in the Legendary collection before the Black Bess.

The car is the same as the regular Vitesse under the hood, but the difference is in the detail You've got 24-carat gold accents on the car and a leather interior decorated with the concept art from old Bugatti planes. There's also that beautiful black paint that makes the thing look like a stealth fighter.

Bugatti will show off Black Bess at this year's Beijing Auto Show.

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