The World's Biggest TV Can Be Yours For $US1.7 Million

The World's Biggest TV Can Be Yours for $US1.7 Million

A British company called Titan just unveiled a new TV, and it's ridiculous. At 370 inches, it's the largest television in the world, and at $US1.7 million it also has to be the most expensive. But who could say no to 4K resolution on a screen that's the size of a house?

Fittingly named Zeus, this giant TV is good for both indoor and outdoor uses. In fact, one of them is going to be on display at this year's Cannes Film Festival, where it will show World Cup games. This isn't just a gimmick either. You can actually buy one of these monstrosities, while supplies last. Titan made four of them, and two are already sold. The identity of the owners will remain confidential, so we'll have to wait until Cannes to see the Zeus in action. Nevertheless, it looks just like this Titan display but four times the size:

The World's Biggest TV Can Be Yours for $US1.7 Million

Seriously, though, this thing is massive. On its website, Titan uses an elephant to illustrate just how large it is. It's big enough to watch 20 channels at once, which is an actual feature. It's also more than twice the size of Panasonic's 152-inch, the last holder of the record for the world's biggest TV. And it better look great for that seven-figure price tag. Like, historically great. [PocketLint]

The World's Biggest TV Can Be Yours for $US1.7 Million


    arent stadium TVs just as big

    seriously tho, even at 4k....dat poor ppi...

    How can this be the biggest TV in the world? Frank has a 2000 inch TV...

      Even more importantly - how would Robert De Niro's mole look in 4k resolution?

    Or you could pay under 10K for a suitable projector - right tool at the right price.

    But seriously - you would literally be having to make so much money that u like throwing away to purchase one of these even for the side of a building unless you knew you were going to make revenue back on it from Advertising..

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