Swimmer's GoPro Video Of A Shark In Sydney Harbour: Real Or Fake?

Creative video editing, CGI or one hell of an unlucky coincidence? Sydney Harbour doesn't get a lot of sharks, let alone white pointers -- but it's certainly possible. Let us know whether you think this video posted by Terry Tufferson on YouTube is genuine.

Bit of a Close Call with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour! Filmed on a GoPro at Manly jump rock. HOLY SH_T RIGHT

For what it's worth, my money is on fake. Big sharks in the harbour are rare, and if I jumped from a rock cliff into the water and saw that staring back at me, I'd be swimming non-stop for terra firma, not stopping occasionally for the shark to conveniently swim past the camera.

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    Sydney harbor gets lots of sharks....... this video however.... bogus.

    Not enough "brown water" to be real I think...and if that was me, I would be walking on water getting out of there!


    CGI is good. But it's still not good enough to truly appear real.

    Quite obviously fake.

      Two different scenes with two different sharks... http://i.imgur.com/unkNEKD.png

    Fake, but totally plausible. There are so many of them swimming at the heads and
    towards the Bondi area

    My guess is the sharks are real, and when he dives under he switches Sydney Cam to Shark Cam with some clever techniques. When you see him quickly swimming up with the shark in view:
    Shark is real, but feet and arms are rotoscoped.

    I'd have nothing to worry about. The shit flying out my ass would not only repel the shark, it would turn me into a human jet pack.

      Haha true!

    I don't think it's CGI - i recognise the first bit of footage from *somewhere*.

    The water clarity/depth also seems to change at various points between seeing the shark and not. Still pretty slick, mind.

    this video uses identical footage and was uploaded on the same day. coincedence , i dont think so... http://youtu.be/HApRyqhTqvY

      That video is taking the piss out of the one in the article, the uploader mentions it in the comments.

    I'm no expert but the visibility also looks incredibly good for what is supposed to be a harbor hard to dive in?

    It's sad that a site like Gizmodo would publish an article without doing any research and publish it with a title aimed to hook you even though simply looking at the uploader's other videos on youtube would reveal that he has made multiple videos using the same footage.

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