Samsung Finally Unlocked The TouchWiz Dock For Australia

Samsung Finally Unlocked The TouchWiz Dock For Australia

Since what feels like the beginning of time, Samsung has locked down the application dock on every product it makes, from the Galaxy S4 upwards. Today’s software update is righting years of wrong: you can now move the default icons from the Samsung TouchWiz Application Dock. Hallelujah!

In every review we’ve written of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note or tablet product in the last two years, we’ve canned Samsung for locking down the dock, and encouraged users to flash the device with a new ROM, or just install a better launcher than Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

Today’s software update actually allows you to remove the terrible default apps from their previously locked-off positions and swap them out for something you actually use.

You still need to press the “Edit” button on your Home Screen to begin moving apps about, but once you’re in Edit mode, you can shuffle the dock around as required.

Head on over to your update screen to get the new UI software, just remember to back up your phone first in case the worst happens.

No matter what the official reason is, it’s a good day for the TouchWiz-faithful.