Rock Out To Indiana Jones This Morning

Rock Out To Indiana Jones This Morning

John Williams is a musical magician, with some of the most recognisable scores in the history of film sitting comfortably under his belt. Understandably, Williams’ work has been covered and re-covered by the denizens of YouTube, including this one-man-bad effort by a fellow called “The Human Tim” (real name unforthcoming). It’s the theme to Indiana Jones done in a slightly less classical fashion.

Readily equipped with an officially-licensed fedora, Roland TD-9 drum kit and Ibanez S470 and PRS Custom 22 guitars, Tim cranks out his rocking rendition in a tidy six minutes and 18 seconds.

There’s a downloadable version of the number available on The Human Tim’s Loudr page, as well as other covers of popular theme tunes including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Doctor Who, Firefly and even TaleSpin.

He’s even got a page with guitar tabs for the songs he’s performed, if you’d like in on the action.

[YouTube, via Neatorama]